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Top 5 Fashion Crimes

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1. Furry bags: Bags that look like they will come alive any second and go “woof!” are not cool. They are meant to carry stuff in, not to be used as substitute pets so go hide them before PETA gets onto your case.
2. Excessive colour: Rainbows look pretty in the sky but we do not need walking, talking versions of them down here, thank you.
3. Sunglasses indoors: You can be excused of this only if you’re an underworld don or you’re blind. So unless you want people grabbing you by the hand and guiding you to classes or scampering away in fear every time you pass by, STOP! Or get a gun/walking stick to go along with it.
4. Too many accessories: December went by a long time ago so you can stop pretending to be a Christmas tree now.
5. Extra tight clothes: Squeezing into tiny clothes will not make you shrink, but it does make you look like an overfilled balloon, waiting to burst.

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