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Students’ Take : DU Exams and the Need to Rethink our Education System

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– Chavi Kotwal, SRCC “Exams are not a futile exercise. How else would we be assessed? But the pattern of exams should be changed, especially at the school level because exams at the end of the year focus on rote learning to get marks rather than understanding. Therefore all year round assessment is a much better way with focus on application rather than theory. Internal exams are essential since they let us know where we stand, and they are what actually drive most of us to put in the effort to study.” -Aditi Saxena, Hindu College “The vision of an education system should be to inculcate knowledge and power in the younger generation. It should facilitate an all round development. However the vision of the education system in India is merely to impart degrees and make money. The system definitely needs an overhauling to make it a process of total personality development. This should be started at the grassroots level by rethinking the Primary Education System.” -Fern, St. Stephen’s “I am not against internals or mocks per se because they help you evaluate what you have learnt in that one year, but I am also not a fan of the kind of exams we have in DU. In DU you can pass your internals with just two days of study. This doesn’t let us know our subject better since we are too concerned about the marks. Moreover this only leads to a general aversion to exams and hence also to our subject.” -Ira, SRCC “Exams are required to judge how much one has learnt. However, as the system now stands there is too much emphasis on exams. Even though assessment is important, it shouldn’t be the only reason why one should study. Also schools and colleges should set realistic date sheets for exams. Giving no gap in between really does not help.” -Dikshant Bag, Hansraj College “I think all these things just look good on TV. Exams have always been a part and parcel of our lives and these exams just can’t have any other replacement in the Indian Education System at least.” -Parineeta, KNC]]>

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