Delhi Dance Fever

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By Mehak Batra Delhi Dance fever was a two day gala event organized by Big Dance Center in collaboration with Terpsi chorean Society of HansRaj College. It was a scintillating event that changed the way Delhi swayed and brought momentum to the Delhi dance culture. Day 1 was at the International Youth Center and included a series of workshops that was aimed at enhancing the technique and skills of every dancer present. A panel of esteemed professionals from different genre of dance came for an hour long workshop where they offered their guidance in their respective areas of expertise which included various dance styles like old school hip hop, tutting, contemporary and lyrical jazz. There was also a street dance competition held which registered an impressive participation from the crowd and MAIT were declared the winners. Day 2 was held at Sri Ram Center and was full of enthusiasm and energy as it witnessed the western dance competition which was won by KNC and also the Choreography competition in which HansRaj college’s Terpi Chorean won. The college also won the Twissha Trophy, i.e. the best team award. A thrilling performance was given in tribute to Michael Jackson as well which was met with great excitement. The event was a grand success and a foundation on which Desi Dance culture could take pride in.]]>

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