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TOP 5 places where taxpayer’s money is ‘utilized’

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  1. In building memorials and statues of Mayawati and her party members to show compassion for our downtrodden Dalit brethren.
  2. In the delicious samosas and khadak chai that is offered to the wealthy when they enter a policestation, after all the policewallah’s transfer is at stake!
  3. In the re-painting of the sidewalks and divider stones in bright yellow and jet black every 3 months, instead of, of course, lesser pertinent problems of covering pits and building roads.
  4. On the lavish cars and a dozen armed men who surround our precious MPs and their families even if they are out shopping for their grandson’s birthday.
  5. On the inconsequential assembly sessions, which are never, complete without microphones and footwear flying across the room.

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