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Top 5 College Monsters

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1)      Principalstein: Monster Supreme. Reigns over institution and inspires fear in the other monsterettes as well. Mission – To exterminate students’ happiness and convert college into self-styled deluxe prison

2)      Professaur: Inordinately stingy when it comes to marks and even more so in the case of attendance. Efficient substitute for sleeping pills

3)      Librarianator: Hobbles about yelling at people to keep quiet while contributing significantly to noise levels her/himself. Main aim is to rob poor students by charging them for every second past the due-date

4)      Canteen Hag: Devoid of change at all times but more than happy to substitute it with inedible toffees. Takes sadistic pleasure in making students wait for the maximum time possible before food is served.

5)      Class Nerdatron: Prime informant for the monster outfit. Annoyingly regular with assignments and permanent resident of the front row seat. Serves mainly to facilitate execution of various tortures on classmates by fellow monsters

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