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Sex Amma

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Q: Periods are a pain. I know a lot happens during this time of the month but I’ve started to get diarrhoea. Why this now?

A: Arrey for this one I had to do so much research. Went to the libraries, stood on those ancient stool and didn’t fear falling. It was fun. Thank you, question woman.

Ok, so this is what  Ifound out. You have to sit back and blame it on natural chemicals called prostaglandins. Now these are responsible for the uterine contractions that help expel blood from your body. Prostaglandins also trigger contractions in your bowels, resulting in diarrhoea — particularly during the first few days of your flow. To stop the runs, pop an anti-inflammatory painkiller. These over-the-counter drugs reduce prostaglandin production, so you’ll still have a regular period yet won’t have to hightail it to the toilet as often. And try to consume bland, plain foods like white rice, bread, and bananas, which help prevent loose stools.

That’s all i got for you. Now I got to go and spray some Volini on that muscle pull i got after i tripped off the stool at the library. See you folks!

Q: Tell me something amma. Am  I prone to more vaginal infections when I’m in a relationship because I wouldn’t like to believe that I’m that unhygienic. Please tell me I’m not.

A: What is that you people say, LOL? Yes, I would like to ‘lol’ at this one. Such funny ideas people get. But you know what? I should stop ‘lol-ing’ . During sex, the man can actually propel rectal bacteria present near your vaginal opening into your urethra. But that’s not very grave an issue. All you need to do is wash your genital area with soap before you hit the sheets. That’ll kill the bacteria. And since you already are very hygienic, I’m sure you’re doing that already! There, problem solved!!

Providing guidance to the students of DU since 2008 on matters of sex, dating and intimacy, Amma is back again this week with her dose of advice. Want to ask Amma a query? Mail it to [email protected].

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