Neck and Neck: Antaragini and Oasis

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October was a busy time for the colleges this year with two major fests taking place one after the other in quick succession. IIT Kanpur’s annual fest Antaragani was held from 22nd to 25th October and immediately after that, BITS Pilani is hosting Oasis 2009 from 27th to 31st of this month.  Both being equally popular and anticipated, societies had a hard time choosing between the two. This time, BITS reported a turnout of over 1400 students compared to last year’s figures of around 1000 participants. They credited this to increased sponsorship which translated into more events being held, and better organization and management. Certain untoward incidents which took place last year in IIT K involving students from DU may have also been responsible for a shift in preference for Oasis this time round with some girls’ colleges switching to BITS for the said reasons. Since IIT Kanpur also celebrates its Goden Jubilee this year, Antaragini 2009 was slated to be bigger and better than ever with performance by the likes of KK, Jaded Suns, Sitar Funk and Advaita. Oasis, on the other hand, has Rahul Bose gracing the awards ceremony and handing them out to the winners.

Most societies with the exception of ICS (Indian Cultural Society) and several music societies were represented in these fests but with a huge variety of competitions taking place in both, involving activities for almost all societies and a limited number of participants slotted for each college, there were internal disputes as well regarding which societies would be sent for the events. A disgruntled student of the Expressions Magazine Society of LSR,on conditions of anonymity complains against the unjustness of the procedure where certain societies have to suffer at the expense of others due to a lack of coordination. She alleges that the members of their society were not given a fair chance simply because they happened to be a minority and were dropped at the last minute. This itself is indicatory of the intense competition between college societies seeking representation in this prestigious festival and the high standard of the competition that is to be expected at both these outstation festivals this year


JMC – English DramSoc, Hindi DramSoc, Magazine Society and Photography Society attended Oasis

LSR – Music Society and DebSoc attended Oasis

Hindu – Participated in Antaragini

Ramjas – DebSoc attended Antaragini

Stepehens – Participated in Antaragini

Miranda House – With the exception of Indian Music and Western Music, all other societies went to Pilani

SRCC – Fashion Society and their stage play went to Pilani



Two major fests, of IIT K and BITS Pilani, took place back to back. Antaragini in Kanpur from 22nd to 26th and Oasis in Pilani is taking place from the 27th to 31st. BITS reported higher turnout due to better sponsors and improved management. IIT K also celebrated its Golden Jubilee alongside. Excessive competition within colleges regarding selection of representation in fests , with some societies complaining of being ignored because they’re in the minority.

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