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In Quest of Fests

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Fest season is finally upon us. While everyone is equally happy and excited about this, there’s not much of a consensus when it comes down to why everyone is so keyed up about fests. Is it the competitions, the crowd or just the fact that there are no studies? DU Beat finds out!

The party people

Fests = party for them. They’ll come dressed in their best clothes, hair slicked up, shiny boots and heels on, loaded with chains and bangles. The high point of the fest for them is of course the evening when the music is on at full blast and they can dance to their favourite disco tunes. Socializing is another aim which features on their agenda. They will wink at all the pretty girls and pout at the hunks, elbow their friends to introduce them to all their acquaintances and be as loud as they can.

The competitors

They’ll be huddled in a corner, discussing tactics or practicing fiercely. The competitors are there in fests for just that – competing. Running busily around, they barely have time to mingle about and enjoy the fests. Their main goal is to win that coveted award and return victorious to their college to start preparing for the next fest.

The “chill-ers”

Spot them lounging lazily about on the grass, lingering around all the stalls, tasting the food and commenting on the weather. They come to fests mainly to “chill” with their friends and kill time. With no real plan in mind, they’ll be up for anything.

The sightseers

They’re mainly people from other universities, here to get a feel of DU. They will wander around, checking out all the booths and appraising the DU crowd. Wanting to make the most of the opportunity at hand, they attend all the events they can, from theatre to street plays, debates and dance. They are usually accompanied by proud friends who guide them around and brag about all the fun things going on.

Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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