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Aung San Suu Kyi: A Symbol of Democracy

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As part of an international campaign to free the apprehended Burmese leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Lady Sri Ram College organized a series of events to enhance the impact of the campaign. Aung San, who happens to be a distinguished alumna of the college (1964), has been imprisoned many times in course of her struggle for a free and democratic Burma.

In order to celebrate this indomitable spirit , LSR organized an exclusive screening of the film ‘Burma VJ: Reporting from a close country’, which through it’s hard hitting visuals and singular footage strongly reflected the difficult fight for democracy in Burma. The screening was accompanied by a panel discussion which saw participation from some of the most eminent personalities including G Parthasarthy, distinguished diplomat; Jaya Jaitly, political and social activist; Ravi Nair, human rights activist and Sagarika Ghoshe, TV anchor who acted as the mediator for the event.

Dr. Meenaxi Gopinath in her welcome address said, “We feel empowered by the struggle of this illustrious alumna for democracy and human rights in Burma.”

Parthasarthy expressed the need for international pressure to solve the Burmese issue- “ We have to work with others in the world, we have to persuade ASEAN.” Jaya Jaitly stressed on the effectiveness of independent action from each nation by means of a letter to the UN Secretary General. Introspection and suggestions for the future formed a part of Ravi Nair’s opinion, who further went on to muse over how the world should deal with generals who had no “eyesight, insight or foresight”.

Also present were Burmese monks Ashin Pannasiri, one of the many mistreated at the hands of the military and who had to escape from jail; Ashin Thavara, who featured in the above mentioned movie ‘Burma VJ’ and Thin Thin Aung from the Women’s League of Burma. Ashin Pannasiri’s version of the famous Saffron Uprising of 2007 deeply touched and inspired the audience.

LSR organized an essay writing competition based on Aung San Suu Kyi and a cross country race for her release. The Cross Country which was held on the 28th of August saw the participation of over 600 students.

A message from Dalai Lama to LSR said,” I am happy to learn of LSR’s initiative. It is my hope that Ms Aung San Suu Kyi will not be kept captive for long and that under her leadership the people of Burma will soon achieve their aspirations for which she worked so hard and so courageously.”

Lady Sri Ram College proudly celebrated the struggle of a woman who symbolizes democracy and is an epitome of courage and values. It held this event with the hope that the world will unite in this fight for justice and see participation from the youth, just as Aung San Suu Kyi herself participated in the struggle to alter the lives of millions!

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