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TOP 5 ways to take advantage of holi

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5) Get back at your annoying roommate who habitually takes over your common bathroom to attend to her toilette by giving her a Holi-style makeover


4) Ask the hot girl next door out for dinner. If she snubs you, you can always say, “Well, thank god. I don’t like her at all. It was just the bhang speaking”


3) All the piggies who go without taking a bath all winter, here’s your chance to finally do so


2) Wear the frumpy clothes gifted to you by your nani/chachi/whoever and when they ask you why you’re never seen in them, you can make a sad face and tell them about how you wore your favourite tee shirt on Holi and your mean friends ruined it


1) Always had a secret desire to dance to weird Hindi songs? Here’s the perfect excuse. Now do yourself a favour and let’s play holi!

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