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Q: I know tampons are safe to use, But there is still this whole TSS issue I heard about. So I just want to know what TSS is and whether it makes using tampons risky or something?

A:  Ah, you make me very glad ! Because the general problem you girls associate with tampons is really silly. It’s ok if you don’t want to admit what many of you are thinking but as (ahem ahem) “sex amma”, it’s my duty to clarify that:

So now that I have let this out of my system, I’ll come back to your question. Yes, TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome was something that scared a lot of people. TSS became popular and well known when it started happening among women who used one particular brand of tampons, which to my relief, are no longer made!
But just to tell you what it is, TSS is a severe infection with a particular type pf bacteria and it is only rarely associated with tampon use. My Google search (which i don’t refer to very often), told me that it is more common with surgery or skin infections. Recently it has occurred a little more frequently because of super absorbent brands. But there is a solution to this as well. So, if you’re using one of these make sure you remove it within 4-6 hours. So the bottom line still remains that TAMPONS ARE SAFE TO USE IF USED PROPERLY!


Q: My little brother in the fourth grade told me about the whole “birds and the bees” idea and from whatever little explanation he gave me, I knew at once he was talking about something related to sex. Now since his teacher mentioned this to wave off some question that this brat had asked her in class, I am guessing there must be some reason behind this explanation. Could you tell me what it is?

A: You know, young man, you should not doubt my knowledge ever because believe it or not, i have an answer to everything, including this. Hmm, “birds and the bees”- What do they have to do with sex? Great question! Now, it all goes back to the Victorian times when sex was never mentioned, yes never! People were so uptight about sex that they made up an explanation for reproduction based on plants in nature. Can you believe living in a world like that? If you say yes, you’re lying! So basically, the birds were part of plant reproduction because they spread seeds. They would eat berries and seeds, and then spread them as they left their droppings throughout nature. That’s the “birds'” part. The bees then were responsible for helping things in nature to grow by pollinating them. So listen to this, the Victorian families gave that explanation about seeds and pollination to help explain sex to their children!! And, wait a minute that explanation in fact, only came on the eve of their weddings! Feeling bad for them na!? And talk about creating confusion! So all you should be is glad, really glad that you’re getting this sex stuff all out in the open!!

Providing guidance to the students of DU since 2008 on matters of sex, dating and intimacy, Amma is back again this week with her dose of advice. Want to ask Amma a query? Mail it to [email protected].

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