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Wrapped in a crisp, golden-bordered traditional Keralite nine-yard; hair glistening with coconut oil and twirled in a garland of mullapuh (white jasmines) ; a dab of kumkum on her forehead, she sits among aromatic candles and mountains of books on the most tabooed subject- SEX. Having devoted a lifetime to sex, sexuality, sexual rights and reproductive life; it’s quite a mystery how she’s upheld her virginity (or so she claims, and promises to share how she managed to do so with our readers in the upcoming issues).

Living on a houseboat in the backwaters of Kerala, she will wait to hear from her children in Delhi University every week, and will answer all their queries with copious amounts of objective, non-intrusive advice, served with a pinch of humour, and sprinkled with tales of triumphs and tribulations of her own sex life- which are today part of her village’s folklore.

So, dear DUB reader…welcome to the world of Sex Amma, your weekly confidante on all questions on that ssshhhh topic. Mail her your queries at [email protected]. All you need to write to her is your question, Sex Amma won’t ask for your age, gender or relationship status unless required to answer your query.

P.S.: “Aiyo…Flouting ethics of confidentiality is against my principles”, informs Sex Amma.

Providing guidance to the students of DU since 2008 on matters of sex, dating and intimacy, Amma is back again this week with her dose of advice. Want to ask Amma a query? Mail it to [email protected].

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