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On Independence Day, this Army of Young People Worked All Day to Feed One Million Stomachs

As we all celebrate the 70th year of freedom, a youth organisation is all out to battle the biggest threat to our population – hunger. The Robin Hood Army (RHA),...


Hollering for the wrong kind of Azaadi: That one, tiny, essential point skipped in P.M. Modi’s Independence Day speech

Independence Day began with the TV blaring much earlier than usual in the morning at several homes, as it usually does every year, when the upbeat Modi fans and some of...


I’m Your Average Anti National

We are celebrating our 70th Independence Day in a time when terms like ‘independence’ and ‘azaadi‘ have become stigmatised. Our public discourse...

15th August - 3.oo pm Pray to end forced sex work. (3)

Kat-Kalrav’16: A Festival of Kat-katha

Will you celebrate 15th August’16 with Kat-katha? Will you pray for someone who isn’t free, in our ‘free world’? While we celebrate our...


Independence Day Celebrations in Delhi University

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How ‘free’ and ‘independent’ is our University?

Our country has been independent of foreign rule for 67 years now. We’ve been fortunate enough to grow up in an India whose laws and policies are made by its own...