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The secrets of good writing

A creative writing workshop was recently held at the Oxford book store, Statesman House  on August 18th for students and teachers of Delhi University.  The workshop...

WordSpill Results Announced!

1st Prize - Nimmy Chacko, Christ College, Bangalore 2nd Prize - Anirudh Gopal, Delhi College Of Arts And Comerce 3rd Prize - Shruti Rao, Kamala Nehru College

WordSpill: Foe by Nimmy Chacko

“Freedom of expression?! But there’s no such thing as that! Naresh, what have you been teaching them?!” Read our winning entry for WordSpill.

WordSpill: You’re A Slave by Anirudh Gopal

Lying in this dungeon through the ages Alone you remain unheard Thinking of sunshine in a dark cell You wish you’d fly off like a bird

WordSpill: Haruka’s Forest by Shruti Rao

Haruka wrapped his fingers around mine. Delicately fingering the creases on my knuckles, he lets his palm glide over mine. The fingers come after it, like a lazy...

Countdown to Justice: A Dialogue on Bhopal

Countdown to Justice: A Dialogue on Bhopal A Panel Discussion on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, organised by DU Beat in association with COVERT-a fortnightly magazine DU Beat-...

WordSpill – A Monthly Creative Writing Competition

Public latrines and the divine scent that encompasses us as we walk past these temples dedicated to filth; Who says brilliant literature can't be shitty. In this case...