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An adaption of the reality show “The Apprentice”, D’apprentice National is a 3-day Pan India business event that was organized recently by Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, in association with the Dean of student’s welfare, for undergraduate students. It aimed at pitting the crème de la crème of the country against each other in a highly competitive and realistic business environment.

The finale of the highly innovative event was held on 19th and was based on the concept of “Disneyfication”. The main idea behind it was infusing a place with a particular idea, hybrid consumption, and merchandising, In other words, selling a variety of goods under the same theme and concept. The aim was to provide a platform for experience based learning in a highly competitive business environment facilitated by challenging tasks that tested entrepreneurial, organizational, and general management skills.

8 teams, named after Mafia clans, had set up their own stalls under their chosen theme and actually sold their products to customers in real time. The aim was to take the competition to the real market so it was organised at Vishwavidyala metro station. The event started around 2 pm, which was the peak time for commuters to pass by, thus a great opportunity to attract consumers. Students could be seen trying to bargain and sell their products.

This task offered the students an insight into the competitive business world and the teams were evaluated on their marketing as well as their total profits. Team Tattaglia Family emerged as the winners of the event and won Rs. 48 grand along with internships. Nikhil Singh was the strongest person of the event- the Godfather, and he won a cash prize of Rs. 5000, along with a voucher worth Rs. 6000 and an internship.

The event was a huge success and a excellent learning experience.

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Surbhi Grover

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