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WordSpill is Back!

DU Beat in association with American Center presents WordSpill Theme: What Should President Obama do when he visits India? Send in your entries to:

Seeing is Believing

Career Launcher to conduct special seminar on increasing overall Score! (Sep. 16, 2009, New Delhi): Career Launcher conducted a special seminar for the benefit of CAT...

Wordspill:The Yellow Laburnum by Jonathan Daniel Luther

Trapped Midst Thanatos and Eros This Yellow Laburnum wilts. But Slowly steady it’s Sun Approaches. These, the days Grow hotter And stronger. The force of A bull. The...

Wordspill: The Man of Mode by Anhiti Patnaik

11th March, 2:10 pm He was a tall, bulky column standing between my sight and the blaring, distracting glare of the television. I gulped. Half-masticated food. Of course...

Wordspill: The Rave by Ishan Marvel

Scene was sorted, some had snorted Some writhed in newfound ecstasy, Some indulged in drunken revelry, While the rest just wandered in gay abandon An acid laughter at...

The secrets of good writing

A creative writing workshop was recently held at the Oxford book store, Statesman House  on August 18th for students and teachers of Delhi University.  The workshop...

WordSpill Results Announced!

1st Prize - Nimmy Chacko, Christ College, Bangalore 2nd Prize - Anirudh Gopal, Delhi College Of Arts And Comerce 3rd Prize - Shruti Rao, Kamala Nehru College

WordSpill: Foe by Nimmy Chacko

“Freedom of expression?! But there’s no such thing as that! Naresh, what have you been teaching them?!” Read our winning entry for WordSpill.

WordSpill: You’re A Slave by Anirudh Gopal

Lying in this dungeon through the ages Alone you remain unheard Thinking of sunshine in a dark cell You wish you’d fly off like a bird

WordSpill: Haruka’s Forest by Shruti Rao

Haruka wrapped his fingers around mine. Delicately fingering the creases on my knuckles, he lets his palm glide over mine. The fingers come after it, like a lazy...