How Instagram Proves to be Useful for Budding Photographers

Instagram has become a rage in the young millennia’s life. Every new cuisine one tries, every new book one reads, every new dress one buys, the world gets to know about it through Instagram. It has become a new platform for people to kick-start their businesses. It is a way for people to give way to their hobbies and passions. For a photographer, his/her Instagram account is a digital profile of his/her work. Unlike the old times, one does not have to carry their portfolio around but simply an Instagram account.
Here are some useful tips for those budding photographers to help them grow their followers and reach.

Be Consistent
As a photographer, one must pick up a specific theme/ genre whether it is nature, fashion, architecture, wedding, etc. Being consistent in one’s area of interest brings out the expertise in the photographer. Gaining expertise in one area attracts more clients looking for an expert photographer.

Make a Plan
As an Instagram blogger, the quote “out of sight is out of mind” holds unequivocally true. One must be regular in uploading their artwork. Uploading daily can bring a sense of permanency to your presence. One can schedule days and plan the number of posts which need to be uploaded, so the followers are aware of one’s progress and routine.

Make Use of Updates
Instagram constantly rolls out with various new updates. Making use of Instagram stories, its new filters, and other features like boomerang, superzoom, or stop-motion can help a photographer in putting out more work. Staying up-to-date with new updates will not only show your extemporisation skills but also serve as a guide for your audience, building a consistent follower base.

Making use of the location update, a photographer can attract local businesses. Local businesses even sponsor a photographer(s) to increase their outreach.

Create a Clientele
A budding photographer must follow others to learn about their work, or if one is in the fashion arena, one must follow popular social media influencers. DM them for collaborations or show interest in their work by posting comments.

Keeping one’s bio interesting yet crisp can go a long way. Always provide contact information to keep all avenues open.
Using Instagram in a creative and smart way can go a long way in expanding one’s business. One gets to promote their hobbies or passions which can change into full-time professions with the help of Instagram.


Feature Image Credits: NBC News

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