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Why online news portals pack a good punch

Today’s tech-savvy world has allowed everything to go digital –right from food to...


DU adopts new policy for recruitment and promotion of teachers

DU adopts new policy for recruitment and promotion of teachers; the newly proposed system...


DU may conduct entrance exam for B.Com from 2017 onwards

An entrance exam for B.Com is in the offing from the upcoming academic session, in order...


Enactus Molilal Nehru College aims to create a Parivartan through Campus Leader Program

Enactus Motilal Nehru College is currently working on ‘Project Parivartan’...

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BAZINGA: DU set to install app blockers on students’ phones

Exams are already underway but do you find yourself picking up your mobile phone instead...


Bazinga: Delhi University to Announce Cash Prize for Class Toppers

With the semester exams around the corner, DU has released good news for all those who...

Sex Amma

Sex Amma: Of hook-ups and Tinder

Dear Amma, my friends have been hooking up with people they met on Tinder. I am a virgin...


Bazinga: Antardhvani reinstated as Diwali fest, Trump and Hillary inspired crackers to be used for festivity

DU’s new diktat making the Hindi Test compulsory to obtain a degree under CBCS...