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Hunger strike off but protest on again; Law Fac aspirants claim to have been tricked by authorities

Thirteen students, led by Delhi University Students’ Union President, Satendar...


DU students demand right to accommodation through protests

Amidst recent demands by the student community for equitable accommodation facilities on...

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Protests at Daulat Ram College question the governing style of the Chairperson

Protests regarding the governing body took place in Daulat Ram College on 6 and 8 August...

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DU expands to three more campuses

  Delhi University, famous for its north and south campuses, is now looking to build...

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Sex Amma talks about: The Hype Around The Hymen

Amma knows all you little idlis and dosas are very excited about the idea of sex. Trust...

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ABCs of Tech Business in 2016: Acquisitions, Buyouts and Consolidation

The business part of any venture witnesses the most extreme of situations. There...

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Tech for Freshers – Part 2

Last week, we came out with an article which laid out the most common base technologies,...


Three must have apps for freshers of DU

There are probably hundreds of apps which appear and disappear on daily basis from the...