Fortunately, the breach was minor and no student information was leaked. However, this does raise concerns about how secure our information really is.

On the 24th of March, students of the Zakir Husain Day College, Delhi University received Whatsapp forwards informing them that their official student portal had been hacked. This student portal can be accessed through the college website and provides the students with information regarding any notices, fee submission guidelines, attendance, paper details and internal assessment scores.

A screenshot displaying how the site appeared to the users, post the hacking.
A screenshot displaying how the site appeared to the users, post the hacking.

The only visible evidence of the breach was that the words at the bottom of the website had been changed. The hackers had chosen to replace the welcome message with abusive and inappropriate language. This was subsequently taken down and the website was fixed later in the evening on the same day.

Since there was no leak of any student information, the hack was minor and seemed to be more about mindless foolery and less about an organized information breach. However, it does point to a security problem. The portal contains important information about all the students of the college and hence demands a higher standard of security so that an event such as this is not a regular occurrence.

When the representatives of the college administration were contacted a day after the breach, they were unaware of its happening. The Information and Technology cell on the other hand, avoided the question about the measures taken to increase security on the platform.

Acknowledging the breach would be the first step towards taking corrective measures. In an age where all our information is stored online, hacking does become a significant threat. An acceptable standard of security is expected from all the establishments who are responsible for the safekeeping of our information.

Image credits: DU Beat archives

Pragati Thapa

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On National Youth Day, 12th January 2016, The National Service Scheme (NSS) unit of Zakir Husain Delhi College, University of Delhi commenced its two day youth convention ‘Taarunya’16’. The day also marks the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda who is known for being a torch bearer of Indian values and practices; which formed the central theme of the convention. Upon commencement, a brief documentary about the NSS and Zakir Husain Delhi College was played to enlighten the audience in every aspect. On first day itself, the convention secured enthusiastic student participation from various colleges across Delhi. The presence of chief guests Meenakshi Lekhi (Hon’ble Member of Parliament) and Swami Shantatmananda (Secretary of RamaKrishna Mission) proved pivotal for the promulgation of Taarunya. [caption id="attachment_37974" align="aligncenter" width="730"]Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi[/caption] The first session on day one comprised of welcome addresses by Mr. Mukesh Jain (NSS Program Officer) and Dr. R. Prabhakar Rao (Principal). Meenakshi Lekhi stressed on the importance of environment sustainability and cleanliness for the progress of our nation. Swami Shantatmananda counselled the students to wisely choose a role model as a base for their future and further implored the students to maintain a “never give up” approach to their every endeavor.  The last session, being a technical session, comprised of talks by four prominent speakers from various fields –

  • Prof. Sushma Yadav, Chairman of Indian Institute of Public Adminstration
  • Dronacharya Bhupender Dhawan, National Coach for Bodybuilding and Powerlifting
  • Dr. Devesh Vijay, Associate Professor, Department of History, Zakir Husain Delhi College
  • Dr. Shubnum Singh, CEO of Max Institute of Health Education and Research
The speakers shared their experiences and imparted a great deal of knowledge which was both inspiring and motivational. The first day of the event came to an end by extending a vote of thanks to all speakers who were honored with a mementos. After witnessing a massive footfall and support on first day, expected participation on second day has augmented for sure.   For more information: www.facebook.com/Taarunya16]]>

Sarmaya, The Commerce Society of Zakir Hussain Delhi College(E) in collaborations with MBAGuru, Leader in Adaptive Preparation for CAT organized a India Quiz & Seminar on SWOT Analysis conducted by the eminent youth Motivator Mr. Vikram Gehlot on 23rd September 2015. The Quiz had two rounds, Preliminary and Finals, the event begin with a preliminary round to shortlist TOP 6 teams out of 130 Teams present in the auditorium. The prelims consisted questions from various topics such as Mythology, History, Politics, Current Affairs, Sports, Business. Later on, Mr. Vikram Gehlot was honoured by Dr. Iqbal Sayeed, President, Sarmaya and invited to take up the session, with a pack of 600 odd Individuals in the auditorium, speaking about the various trends in the markets regarding the career option that students opt, and the insight as to what they want to do in life, Vikram Sir drew a parallel between the both. Students at the end of an hour-lasting session were highly motivated to really think about the pondering career oriented questions. IMG_9518 “The event concluded by awarding the winners, Team of Bishal Kumar, Ramjas College and Pratik Panda, Hansraj College won the Ist Prize after a wonderful set of final questions put up by the duo Quiz Masters – Mohak Chibbar and Drona Vatsyayan. Team of  Saawan and Karthik from Zakir Husain Delhi College(M) finished second in the nail biting finals. The other teams to qualify for the finals included Team of Prithvi Raj, GB Pant Engineering College and Abhishek Shukla from Zakir Husain Delhi College (M), Nitij Rao and Nandakumar . N from Hindu College, Arpan Banerjee from Hindu College and Shvabh Chakarwarti from DCSC, Anindita Roy from Ambedkar University and Kartik Mishra from G L Bajaj battled out in the finals.” As told by Rishabh Jain, PR Head, Sarmaya]]>