Youth Alliance


Youth alliance organisation is now inviting applications for its 5th annual ‘Gramya Manthan’ program. Spread over a duration of nine days, this program aims at taking 30 passionate change agents to remote villages in Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh, India. The program begins on June 11th, and goes in till June 19th, 2016.

This program is based in the principle of creating more meaning and awareness to life. As a part of it, theparticipants step into the shoes of the villagers and experience both the challenges and privileges they face. Along with this, various interactive discussions, workshops, on ground activities are scheduled, which helps create a sense of involvement and awareness among them.


Believing in the greatness of curiosity over criticality, the program also gives the participants a platform to showcase and evolve new ideas, while creating a better understanding of the Indian rural communities. It is based on the core values of Empathy, community, service and inner transformation.

Youth alliance works on the goals of connection youth with a cause. Bridging the gap between the abilities of the youth and needs of the underserved parts of the nation, youth alliance has devised various programs like ‘Lead the change’, ‘Onus’ and Come Alive. During the previous four years, it has received participation from 300 youngsters from across India, emerging into around 32 new initiatives, 80+ joining different development organizations and many more active volunteers. Many of its alumni have successfully been able to establish their organisations and enterprises, like Aashiyana and SNG international, among others, to help uplift the underprivileged sections of the society.


The first rolling deadline is 27thMarch,2016.

To apply, follow the link: http://youthallianceofindia.org/gramya-manthan/apply/


Lovleen Kaur
[email protected]