The website of Kirori Mal College (KMC) was hacked for the second time this year on Sunday, 25th August 2019. Read on to find out more.

Hacking College websites has now become a recurring phenomenon. Almost every year India experiences the hacking of the websites of educational institutions at a concerning rate. In the past, websites of many institutions like IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur, Jamia Malia Islamia, and Aligarh Muslim University have been hacked.

This time yet again, the official website of Kirori Mal College was targeted, which was dismaying for the portal committee and the administration of the college.

The website was defaced by messages like “Hacked by Dark Knight” and “we all stand for the secular and liberal ideology of DU”, calling out the members of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) for how they may “forcefully install Sarvakar’s bust in the campus but cannot bring it into our hearts”. It further said how deeply painful it is to see the way the Delhi University Students’ Union elections take place and asked the student fraternity to rise against corruption and violence, accusing political parties of bribing college students with “movie tickets” in exchange for votes.

Image Caption: A hacker by the name of Dark_Knight hacked KMC’s Website Image Credits: Aashish Jain

According to Atithi, a student from KMC, “The college website getting hacked twice in a row is a matter of concern for the college administration as it shows a lack of vigilance and carelessness on their part. It affects us too. A lot of valuable information and other data is uploaded on the website, the credibility of which will be questioned; appropriate and quick action needs to be taken so that such things are not repeated in future”

Anujriti Painuli, another student from the College, stated, “The Dark Knight named hacker who got into the website proved the inefficiency of website, which is not up to the mark for such a reputed college.” She also added that the person has particularly targeted the ruling party, accusing them of being biased towards a single community

Students strongly believe that this act of outrageous and irrational behavior is purely a manifestation of unhealthy competition on political grounds. This is a sensitive time for the College website since the process of admission is going on with cut-offs still being released and the new students refer to the website for information regarding time tables and societies.

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For the past few days, the University of Delhi (DU) website is recurrently crashing, which is hindering services like Degree in Advance.

DU facilitates access to college degree before convocation to students, under certain circumstances.  The degree is issued after following a lengthy procedure, only when a student has to pursue higher education abroad or has to settle down in a foreign country. One can access this service on exam.du.ac.in

But for the past few days, the website is hindered by a technical error. It is not taking any new online registrations. The entire procedure, which organically takes around three-four weeks, is delaying the submission of application and arrival of degrees indefinitely.

Consequently, those who have already taken admission in foreign universities stand to lose their admission and lakhs of rupees, because producing the degree is mandatory for international institutions.

The procedure, as mentioned earlier, takes approximately a month for its completion. Once the student fills up the requisite form, their account password is to be sent on their e-mail with an activation link. However, as the University server is down, there is no way the application could be put up in the first place.

In fact, students who had registered priorly are also not getting confirmation emails.

Professor Vinay Gupta, the Dean of Examinations said on 8th July, that the issue will be resolved in a day, but so far the problem stands in a stalemate.  The University Joint Registrar, in an attempt to escape his accountability, said that they cannot do anything until the website is not working properly. Students have requested the administration that the process be done offline, but the administration has not conceded as yet.

The University keeps on promising students that the issue will be fixed soon, but they are not ready to provide a concrete date. According to a source, the situation might be more grave than it looks like on the surface. Not only the distribution of degrees but attestation of mark sheet, attestation of degrees and duplication of mark sheet has also been halted. If true, a lot of students might face severe consequences due to administrative glitches.


More information about Degree in Advance can be accessed here: http://exam.du.ac.in/degree-in-advance.html


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With the High Court ordering University of Delhi (DU) to scrap the new admission criteria for B. Com. (Hons.) and BA Economics (Hons.), other courses may also be given the same relaxation.

The University of Delhi (DU) has now repealed the new eligibility requirements for admission to the B. Com. (Honours) and BA Economics (Honours) courses. This move comes following the Delhi High Court orders, after a considerate amount of criticism and a plea against the controversial move to include Mathematics in Best Four Subjects aggregate for the two courses.

DU has released a new Bulletin of Information for admission to undergraduate courses on Monday, based on the 2018-19 eligibility criteria. It has been observed that the new eligibility criteria for other courses has similarly been replaced with that of the last year.

The Court had previously called this move arbitrary, and beyond requesting the varsity to repeal it. It also had asked to extend the process till June 22nd, which was previously June 14th. This order has also been implemented.

A bench of Justice Anu Malhotra and Justice Talwant Singh stated, “There is no dispute that you (DU) to be in tune with the times. Nothing prevents you from improving the education standards. No one is saying your decision is not right, but your timing may not be right.” They further added that these criteria can be applied only with six months’ prior notice.

These changes were put forth by recommendations from different departments in the varsity and then needed approval from the Standing Committee, Academic  Council. But the members of the Executive Council, prior to the conundrum, requested the Vice Chancellor in a letter to not give his approval.

While the inclusion of Mathematics in best of four for B.A. Economics (Hons.), and 50% marks in Mathematics for B. Com. (Hons.) are now not compulsorily required. There is currently a requirement of 55% marks in English for B.A. English (Honours) and in Hindi for B.A. Hindi (Honours). B.A. Programme, B.A. Urdu (Hons.), Arabic (Hons.), and Persian (Hons.) also have a new eligibility criterion for 40% in class 10th or 12th in the respective subjects.

Stuti Tanotra, a Delhi University aspirant expressed her joy stating, “Under the new criteria, my Best of Four (BoF) was getting reduced and I was apprehensive about getting a good college for Economics. Now that this has been scrapped, I am very happy my BoF has increased, and now I look forward to studying Economics at DU.”

This change has led to a lot of changes in not just the extending of admissions, but also a delay in releasing cut-offs as well as the dates for the trials of extracurricular activities, and consequently admissions. St. Stephen’s College has also extended its dates and the cut-off for interviews will now be released on June 24th.

Applicants can check the new corrigendum on the University’s official website: http://www.du.ac.in/adm2019/


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IP College for women (IPCW), University of Delhi has recently unveiled the new bilingual website for the college. The website has been made available in English and Hindi now.
“The college’s Hindi/bilingual website has been launched. It can be accessed at www.hindi.ipcollege.ac.in and also from the link on the homepage at www.ipcollege.ac.in” Dr. Babli Saraf, principal of IP College told Hindustan Times.

Ms. Yogi, the union advisor at IPCW said, “It is a part of the national agenda to make all content available in Hindi too. Taking cue from this, the principal took an initiative to make the website a bilingual one.” “The content on the website was translated to Hindi with the assistance of an alumna of IP College, who can be said to service her college”, further added the Union Advisor.

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On 23rd of October, 2003 , a certain Mark Zuckerberg while trying to get over his ex girlfriend came up with Facemash, an internal website for students of Harvard University. 5 Years later, Zuckerberg’s creation revolutionized the way we all communicate with one another. Yes, we’re talking about Facebook. Initially only for students of various universities in the United States, Facebook is now used by people of all age groups and from all every corner of the globe.

If Harvard is proud of Zuckerberg, then DU too has a reason to be proud. Honey Arora, a technical expert has started www.networkdu.com , Delhi University’s first ever social networking website.

From connecting with old friends, watching videos or listening to music, to conducting polls and being part of groups and discussions, networkDU has it all. It is well and truly a website for students and by students. In her address to Higher Education India, Arora explains that besides providing entertainment and networking, the site also aims to help students with placements, internships and scholarships. NetworkDU also serves to provide campus related information such as locations of PG and Hostel Accommodation.

The site has witnessed a great start with more than 2000 people registering within 4 weeks. Out of those, 500 are DU Alumni.  The network is open to people outside of DU as well. Content like blogs, polls, videos and forums are freely accessible without having to become a member while listening to music or viewing the profiles of other members requires you to sign up first.

The site bears a slight resemblance to Facebook though its content sets it apart. A little more colour, vigour and energy would make the site more engaging and hence more popular. However it’s still a great initiative and we truly hope Arora can become the next Zuckerberg.

Results Declared, students still in the dark.

Delhi University has declared the results of the annual examinations, 2009 for most courses. The announcement of results commenced in the last week of June. However, several students studying in North Campus colleges have complained of the inaccessibility of the same due to the irregular maintenance of the official DU website, www.du.ac.in.

South campus colleges have not faced this problem as their results are not displayed on the official DU website. All the required information is available to them on www.south.du.ac.in, a website dedicated to south campus colleges of DU, which is regularly updated.

Says Dikshant Bagh, a student of Electronics in Hansraj College, “I found out about the declaration of results from the south campus website. The official website did not display the results until two days after the declaration. This distressed me greatly as I saw the number of failures on the south du website and had to wait two days to find out my own result”. The situation was worse for philosophy (Honours), the results of which were displayed a full six days after their declaration. Many anxious students were forced to rush to their respective colleges to find out their result, defeating the whole purpose of the website. The problem was compounded for out-station students, who spent many nail-biting moments on the phone trying to find out their result. The website in question seems to have a track record for failing at crucial moments.

Says, Resham Manaktala of Lady Shri Ram College, “The website is not user friendly. It kept hanging when the date sheet came out. It also does not provide specific information for many Post Graduate programmes offered in DU.”

Courses whose results are declared include philosophy honours, geography honours, chemistry hons , bbs , journalism ,psychology and applied psychology hons, and maths honours. Most results are expected to be out by  July 21.

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