Jesus and Mary College faces an immense water shortage everyday in terms of drinking water and water in washrooms. DU Beat brings to the extent of the problem and the reasons why.

The students of Jesus and Mary College, Chanakyapuri, have been facing major problems due to the lack of availability of drinking water and water in washrooms. The college, undergoing continuous constructions since the past many years, has two washrooms for girls located on each floor and a water dispenser for drinking water outside those washrooms. However, the washrooms run out of water in a couple of hours in the morning everyday and so do
the drinking water dispensers.

“Jesus and Mary College does not have pipelines installed in the college which is why there’s always a water shortage in the college. The entire college has just one tank installed which gets exhausted within very less
time,” says a second year student of Jesus and Mary College who wishes to remain anonymous.
“Our college has plenty of water available, except it’s not in the taps but on the floors,” says Ananya Chopra, a second year student of Jesus and Mary College. The washrooms reek of an unbearably strong odour and a dozen sanitary infections caused by the lack of hygiene. The flush  installed barely ever works, there is no provision for soaps and the floors are always wet.
The inadequate washroom facilities are matched by the lack of availability of free drinking water. “Since drinking water is not available in our college, we have to go buy a bottle of water every day. Only half the washrooms are generally open and by the afternoon, there is no water available,” says Shiyona Biju, a second year student of B.Com. (Hons.) at Jesus and Mary College.

“Every day I am faced with water-less toilet facilities. Juxtapositional to dysfunctional flush, spray, and basin systems are the perennial tap- leakages, wet floorsand oh-so-wet  wash basins; water at unusual spaces, basically. It’s needless to say yet I’ll say that our toilets are unhygienic, smelly, and highly dysfunctional. I’d really like to find out what degree of cash-crunch the college is facing to not be able to employ effective maintenance resources,” says Devanshi Jindal, a second year student of B.Com.(Hons.) at Jesus and Mary College. DU Beat tried to reach out to the administration for a comment but was unable to get a response. The students of Jesus and Mary College wait with bated breath for some form of structural or tangible change and wonder why the college exposes them to such an inadequacy of basic necessities such as drinking water and hygienic washrooms.

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Surfing the internet, one would easily find a ‘30 Day Challenge with Trainer Chintu’ to transform fitness or a ‘Get Your Summer Body in just 30 Days’. Anecdotes, on offer by the ‘summer fitness market,’ don’t offer much when practically put to use by a college student who has to balance social media, TV shows and academics. It seems as though Whatsapp has set the lower limit to ‘last seen’ as 2 AM for every collegiate. Alas, it is actually the latter that doesn’t sleep before that. Putting the ‘challenges’ to use therefore doesn’t reap anything. Here are five ways in which a collegiate, whose routine fluctuates with mood and engagements can transform his/her fitness this summer:

1. Water: The primary fat burner

Believe it or not, but water, if consumed sufficiently burns fat at a great speed even when the body is at rest. No matter how much you exercise or don’t exercise at all, dehydration can lead to storage of fat in the body. A study done by the University of Tokyo reveals that a hydrated body burns fat three times faster than a dehydrated body. The best way to check the sufficiency of water in your body is to check the colour of your urine, which if yellow hints at the dehydrated nature of the body and if colourless signifies the sufficiency of water in your body. Remember, the next time someone says that they have been exercising for a while but don’t lose weight or that they are fat although they eat very less, tell them that either it’s genetics or lack of water in the body. The latter can always be mended.

2. Don’t starve yourself, rather eat frequently

Starving is the most imbecile custom to stay fit. Not only will the body lose strength and immunity; you’ll also lose fat at a pace slower than a person who eats frequently but clean. Stupid as it may seem, but researches have revealed that eating clean meals frequently (after every three hours) helps in building a better metabolism and constitution. Eating frequently would help those of you in need of some ‘toning’ and also those who are into bodybuilding.

3. The Rule of input and Output

You are what you eat. But who can let go of those chicken rolls and pizzas. Well who told you too? You can continue eating street food and stay fit by burning the calories you eat. Fitness is all about controlling how much, not what you consume and how much of that your burn. Simple math, if you eat more calories and burn less, you’ll gain weight. If you consume less calories and burn more, you’ll lose weight. Therefore, jump onto all those hamburgers, but remember to burn what you eat.

4. Sleep well

Okay! Sleeping before 2 AM is impossible. But even after that, try sleeping for a minimum of seven hours. As per a study, lack of sleep ages you quickly. So, if you feel lack of strength or get tired easily, then focus on your sleep. If you sleep properly, your body will be repaired adequately, you’ll have less black heads or acne and you’ll have a better memory. Try sleeping properly for a week, you’ll see the difference.

5. Look for long term goals

Want to be fit to attract someone in particular? Want to have a body like that actor or actress in the movie? Well, nothing would work unless you strive to be fit for yourself and not to impress others. When the former is there, the latter automatically follows. Love yourself before expecting someone to love you.

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