Visually disabled students


A blind Masters students’ legal fight against the University of Delhi after he was asked to vacate his hostel in an ‘unjust’ manner.

Lovely Kumar Grover is a student pursuing his Masters degree from the University of Delhi. He used to stay in a room in Gwyer Hall, a place which had become almost like home to him. He has been ordered to vacate this room now. He is a visually challenged student, who feels like even authorities have become indifferent to his needs.

Grover’s parents passed away when he was younger and he hardly had a guardian to fall back too. Yet he managed to make way to the University and get enrolled in an MPhil course. As is the case with other students of his age, Grover was also dependent on the hostel for his accommodation during the time spanned by his course. The hostel authorities at Gwyer Hall asked him to leave as staying further in the hostel would ‘overstay’ his time. All this has been done hurriedly without fair warning, according to the student. Grover has not yet finished his course and has nowhere else to fall back to and as his thesis submission date has been extended, he requested for an extension in the date of leaving the hostel but this effort was to no avail.

The catch here which points towards discriminatory behaviour is when it was apparently found out that only Grover’s requests were being rejected while the others were easily and very smoothly being granted an extension. The move is now being taken to the court by the adamant blind student who is being supported in his battle against the University by two lawyers who also happen to be his ex-classmates. If we use legal terminology, the provisions of the Right to Persons with Disabilities Act (2016) are clearly being violated.

The matter remains unresolved as the next hearing date Delhi High Court is scheduled to the 13th of November. Time will tell if Lady Justice would remove her blindfold and do justice to this young man. 

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Shaurya Singh Thapa 

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