Dealing with monthly menstrual cycles (satanic waterfall, monthly monster, whatever you call it) is hard enough without adding to it the hassle of keeping a track of when the next one’s approaching while also balancing birth control pills and being sexually active. While periods can often be erratic and tricky, most fall into a nearly regular cycle which is always helpful to track because your hormone levels can explain many mysteries of life – from feeling bloated to crying about losing a pen. The ladies at DU Beat share the applications they trust to keep their cycle sorted:

  1. My Days: This app couldn’t be simpler to use and has a very no-nonsense user interface. You add dates when your period starts and when it ends, if and when you take a pill or are sexually active, and it marks the dates when you will possibly be ovulating and the date of your next period. The more regular you are with adding your data to the app, the better it predicts. My Days


  1. Clue: Other than tracking your period, Clue also has a lot of parameters to track your premenstrual syndrome symptoms as well, including emotions, physical pain and cravings. Hence, its calendar not only gives you ovulation and period dates but also dates when you’re likely to be PMSing.


  1. Period Tracker: This application does everything – tracks your period, your ovulation dates and takes into account when you’ve been sexually active. The user interface is cute too! Period Tracker


  1. Lunacycle: Lunacycle details not only your next period date and ovulation date but also rates the possibility of pregnancy (as high, low and average) based on what your cycle looks like. It offers advice (which can sometimes be a little sexist) and descriptions of what your skin is going to feel like, what diet you should take and what beauty routines you should try based on your cycle and hormone levels. Lunacycle


  1. Period Diary: This application is customisable, and not just with respect to changes in your cycle according to the data you add to it, but also in terms of its user interface. It has theme options of floral, butterflies and hearts, which, albeit clichéd, are also cute! Its other features include adding notes about mood, a past period summary, notifications and a late period alert.

Period Diary

Make your life easier and try out a few of these applications to lessen your chances of being caught unaware the next time your period arrives!

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