Is it okay for a 27-year-old and a 14-year-old to be together?

*jaw drops*. And NO! Aiyo rama rama, STOP THIS RELATIONSHIP. Does the 27year old even remember what it was like when he/she was 14! It’s the second concrete year in your “teenage” life and the mind is still developing. A 14 year old is a child and must be treated like one. Plus this could very well be against the law. Are you listening? It could be a potential crime; statutory rape if you have sex. Forget the legal aspect all together;I don’t even see how it is mutually possible for the two of you to actually be in this relationship. I’m sorry I’m being so blunt but this is the blatant truth. The relationship is nothing but harmful. I have to go meditate now to bring myself back to normality. And you two, whoever you are, stop scandalizing me!

Dear Ma’am

How to talk to a girl for students especially like me who are very low on confidence and what will be the girl’s reaction when i do approach her?

Basically I always think that today I will talk to a girl but my confidence does not build up, I think I do not have the guts to speak to a girl . Please I request you to give me some good suggestions regarding this as soon as possible I NEED IT.

Okay boy! Now even though all senders are kept anonymous, I cant help but mention, rather remind you that you are from SRCC. And ahem, every tom, dick or harry does not get to be a part of the most sought after college in Dehlhi Univerzity. The point here is that this simple fact should work wonders for your confidence. I mean if I were in your college, I would totally flaunt it in even the most random conversation with a boy. But that’s beside the point. What you need to be reminded of is that women are not beasts. They’re delicate harmless gifts of god and are your partners in the chain of being. So talking to them shouldn’t be a big deal at all. And you always have to remember that there are different categories of people around the university and no single category is in minority. In other words, you’ll find your kinds, in college, around college, on the metro station, in kamla nagar or even on the rick. Your kind could very well be one of those hep girls in D School too. Just talk to women (or people in general) and think that you’re no less than them. Force yourself into self-efficacy. Results are guaranteed and provide extraordinary satisfaction. *Wink wink*. Now your next mail should be details of your first date. Good luck boy! * Talking to herself* And what’s that cool sign? *now, getting back to you* Ya, \m/. Amma likes cool!!