Four students of The College of Vocational Studies, Delhi University, have been suspended and an ex-student’s entry in college campus has been banned after they physically assaulted a fellow student in the campus. Going by the evidence available the college committee has taken the decision pending the completion of the inquiry. D Hriinii, a student of CVS, was walking out of the college after his classes on Friday when he was attacked by a group of youths waiting at the gate, said his brother D Apao. Hriinii. He was rushed to a nearby hospital.

A student shared some details about what had happened. Hrijni was the fourth student from the northeast beaten up that day. Three girls and a boy were playing cards in the field when a basketball hit them. The boy called some of his friends and they beat the guys who were playing basketball. Later they beat up Hirijini though he was not involved. Another student from northeast was also beaten up

A FIR was lodged where seven students were named. According to the principal of CVS, the college will take austere action against the students. “Of the five students named, one is an ex-student and he will not be allowed inside the campus. Three students who were identified — one from third year and two from first year were suspended with immediate effect till further orders. We are trying to identify one more student as they have just given his surname,” said the principal.

The SHO and ACP visited the college and met the students from various states of the northeast including the coordinator. The students alleged they have named seven students in the FIR and action has been taken only against four so far and that more students were involved in the assault.