Turning inspiration into reality, the art exhibition by Strokes seized imagination and hopes over two days! 

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Art is all-pervasive, and the students of SGTB Khalsa College portrayed their imagination beautifully across the broad horizons of their college. Strokes, the Fine Arts Society of SGTB Khalsa College, organised their annual art exhibition, Duende, on 17th and 18th October 2016, to display the work of their zealous artists. The event was set up at the heart of the college, the famous Jannat, and attracted eyes and interests throughout the two days. The area was adorned with a variety of shapes and forms of paper craft hanging above the people, giving a shade of ethereal beauty to the contiguous area.

With more than thirty paintings displayed, decorated and placed in the structure of a circle, each painting spoke a unique story, and wove a beautiful aura amidst the sublime atmosphere. Themes such as life style, new beginnings, fire and ice, sacred love and many others were captured. The inspiring paintings were a fascinating visual to behold. The live painting session gave bystanders a chance to get their portraits drawn. The artistry displayed was exquisite and gave birth to some brilliant pieces. The creative streak did not end there. The visitors were also invigorated to see a quirky craft station set up. With bookmarks, paper corners, envelopes, cards, dream catchers and many other handmade products, Duende did justice to transcending the essence of art across a multitude of platforms, which piqued interest and praise.

A member of the society, summarises the experience on the first day, “The turnout was huge even on the first day of college after the mid semester break. People who visited the exhibition were astonished by the work done by the artists which further increased the enthusiasm among the members.” With a combination of a unique theme, stirring paintings, and personalised stationery and activities, the members of Strokes set high aesthetic standards that moved the audience.


Saumya Kalia

Image Credits: Saumya Kalia for DU Beat

Strokes, the fine arts society of SGTB Khalsa organized ‘Chauraha: 15 artists, 15 tales’, their annual art exhibition on 29th and 30th of September. As the name itself implies, the theme of the exhibition centered around 15 different tales of 15 different artists who contributed their art work around the idea of crossroads: a place where 4 roads meet. The exhibition was also located strategically inside the college campus. Also known famously as ‘Jannat’, this place leads to 4 different paths inside the college.



Displaying beautiful paintings inside a small circular tent house, the organizers had pretty much arranged everything in the most orderly manner possible, adhering to their central theme of Chauraha. The apt setting reflected on the faces of the audience, all of whom looked absolutely mesmerized by what they were seeing. The art work also very much focused on the theme. With realistic paintings of how people use a crossroad to welcome haunted spirits to the abstract concept of how we deal with small crossroads daily in our life, the exhibition pretty much covered all the parameters of  this unique concept.

Not only this, the exhibition had a stall called ‘Kreartivity’, where some unique purchasable items ranging from bookmarks to book-jackets were showcased. The art focused event also saw a segment under the banner of ‘live art’ where artists were literally creating paintings then and there for everyone to see. A competition with the theme, ‘best out of the waste’ was also organized.




Mixed with unprecedented segments and a few surprises, the event saw a huge footfall not only from colleges under Delhi University but other colleges as well. Badal Chitrakar, a renowned artist in India and abroad was the chief guest of the event.


Photos by Prateek Singh for DU Beat

Brij Pahwa

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