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Spoon University- Delhi Chapter organised Spoon Scouts 2.0: A Foodie Treasure Hunt on 31st August, 2016 at Hudson Lane. Spoon Scouts, in its second edition, saw teams who had qualified the online round braving Delhi rains to gather at the Woodbox Café for the  briefing and to get their clues. The clues led them to different cafés where they had to perform activities to qualify to the next level and get the next clue. The teams started the hunt at 3.30pm.

The first cafe of the hunt for which the online clue was released was The Vintage Avenue, the clue talked about its good old feel, Freak Oreo Shakes and multiple floors. Whereas the final clue was for For God’s Cake which focussed on the desserts they offer.

Participants were seen running around in cafés, and on the road, figuring out clues and performing activities like eating Pizza with a spoon, guessing the flavour of mocktails, ice creams etc. Vanshika Agggarwal, one of the participants of the event shared her experience “Spoon Scouts was a super amazing event. We truly enjoyed the day and running from one cafe to another was worth the treasure. We are proud 2nd runners up.”

Winners of Spoon Scouts 2.0, Team Scoop and Slurp
Winners of Spoon Scouts 2.0, Team Scoop and Slurp

Cafes like Abongchiiz, Bakar, Spezia Bistro, Void, Yolo 21, Jack n Chill, Coalition, The Lab, Mood Swingers, Oakland, Pirates of Campus and Raw Creams were a part of the hunt. Participants included college students from different colleges across Delhi, from IP University, Amity University to Delhi University’s Kirori Mal, Ramjas, IPCW, Hansraj, Miranda, Dyal Singh among others.

All the participants went back home with goodies which included brownies, coupons from various cafes, drinks from Cocofly, special Spoon notepads and more. Four teams made it to the final round, with the Slurp and Scoop bagging the first prize. Other winning teams included Lebensmittel, Foodie Pirates and Burp and Tell.

Niharika Maggo, the Editorial Director and Operations Head of Spoon DU, said “It was a great experience seeing food enthusiasts turn up for the event even after the downpour and actually enjoy it so much. Spoon Scouts is an annual event of ours, the team really worked hard for this and the cafes were also very supportive. We are all set to spread more such foodie happiness across campus.”

Spoon University- Delhi Chapter is online food resource for the students by the students. The whole idea of Spoon is to build a community of foodies that helps you navigate your first kitchen and campus experiences. They are on a mission to make food make sense.

Guest Post by Spoon University – Delhi Chapter

Food, affordability, knowledge and taste is what sums up the University of Delhi chapter of Spoon, turning it into a fast growing online food resource for college students in Delhi. The chapter comes under Spoon Media Inc. – an international corporation based in New York which is a food publication “for the students, by the students.”

Spoon has everything ranging from the best local restaurants and simple unintimidating recipes to how to navigate your first kitchen and coverage of various food festivals; all written by people under 25. Spoon is powered by student contributors across the world, they now make up a network of over 3,000 contributors at 100 college campuses.



The Delhi chapter was started by Kritika Narula, a student of Indraprastha College for Women, in December 2014. “The decision to start Spoon came as a surprise to me too, but once I came across the concept, it was the most obvious thing to do. As I entered sophomore year, I realised that 1, we are perennially broke and 2, we always want to eat out. Spoon is here to fill that gap bringing all hangout places, recipe hacks to survive in hostels, affordable snacking etc,” she says.

For a chapter to start, it is necessary for the founder to get signatures of at least 300 college students through social media and word-of-mouth, who’d testify that they like the concept and would welcome it in Delhi as well. As college students, the HQ founders Sarah Adler and Mackenzie Barth realised how important it is for students to know their food. Andrea Jacobs, Director of Campus Growth, New York who has been keenly involved in mentoring the students says, “We could not be more proud of the Spoon U-Delhi chapter! They have created incredible content and community and continually bring fresh perspective to Spoon. We hope that they serve as a gateway to others in the international community to bring Spoon to their schools.”

At the core is the website, directed by Editor Aakanksha Joshi. The whole idea of Spoon is to build a community of foodies, who enjoy and also learn by dabbling in various roles, from photographers to event managers to writers and graphic designers. They are also currently recruiting for the academic session for graphic designers, marketers, writers, and photographers/videographers.

Featured Image Credits: Spoon University (Delhi)

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