“Cold winter evenings. Crimson – teal hued lights. Deafening beats. One man performing on stage, like a fireball. Innumerable enthusiastic spectators. Dancing to every line, singing along every stanza, cheering with praises, crying with joy, shouting in ecstasy and smiling with lips and with eyes. Flash of cameras to capture the moment and relish it for a little long, for in a few hours, it’ll all be gone.” What if not this, was the scene at the fun replete star nights that we attended and enjoyed? Delhi University college fests have always been like a carnival. The year 2014, was no less. Amidst the competitive air, star appearances added further to their charm and glamour quotient. Not only did Indian and international singers visit for star night performances, but leading Bollywood actors also have routed their movie promotions through platform of these fests. So before all of us get engrossed with semesters preparations, and some of us eventually walk away from being in the DU ambit, here is an endeavor to remind you of all the amazing fest star nights you’ve been to (or you missed) this year. So go through what we call, ‘the timeline of memories’ , catch hold of a thread and maneuver  to your moments. Happy flash-backing guys! Featured Image Credits: Kartik Lav for DU Beat.]]>

Journalism is said to be all about story telling. Well, here is a story – the story of all that happened in Delhi University during the previous year. The administration welcomed the FYUP while the community continued the fight against the same. NSUI’s reign over the DUSU cabinet ended with ABVP bagging three seats out of four. Amidst the slew of politics, certain star studded events also managed to squeeze in. Overall, it was quite a year for DU. To list it all, here is what we did – we collated all these events and arranged them in a timeline.

Ready? Just flick through this quick recap. Want to know more about an event? Click on the title of the story.