sophomore year


There always comes a time when amidst all the good and bad college experiences strikes a dooming realisation that you’re already half way through college. When the beginning seems just close but the end also doesn’t seem far away. When you know you’ve learned so much but there’s still so much more to come your way. With graduation pressure knocking at your door and real responsibilities hitting your mind, I feel that sophomore year is the most crucial phase of one’s journey of college.

Flashing back to the freshmen year, expectations were on peak and hopes were too high. New friends, independent life, amazing opportunities and unlimited exposure among other hopes crashed to an indefinite limit while I struggled to cope up with the changing time and a completely new place. That’s when reality struck and acceptance occured. I realised that things aren’t as fancy and appealing as they seemed when I first entered college. And today, when I spend time recollecting my experiences I feel that there’s so much more to college than its luring image I had initially set in my mind. I realised that smart studying fetches more marks than studying each day. I realised that college does provide exposure, but with a lot of struggle and conditions attached. The expectation of doing ‘everything’ possible has eventually transformed into an attempt of doing ‘somethings’ in a satisfactory way and each day, I’m gearing up for more such lessons.

Now that the shapeless energies of the first year have moulded into a more experienced form, its easier to deal with challenges. From time management to comfort and consistency, sophomore year unavoidably has its fair share of boons. As the end is close, and the decisions to be made are quite intense, I’m filled with mixed feelings of nostalgia and anxiety. But somewhere between gruelling nights and stressful days, I’ve now realised that may be I don’t want time to fly so fast. College definitely has something different in store for each year, and making the best of it is all that will count at the end.


Lovleen Kaur

[email protected]