Shri Ram Economics Summit


8th and 9th February saw SRCC become a hub of everything economics-related. The Shri Ram Economics Summit, put together by the Economics Society of the college was characterized by speaker sessions by eminent people from the field of business and economics to competitions that were held to test the economic prowess of interested students. On Friday, the campus was graced by Mr. C.M. Rangarajan, Chairman of Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India, who spoke at length about current macroeconomic policies in India. With him C.P Chandrasekhar Microeconomist and professor, JNU also had to be there but didn’t turn up. Mr Rangarajan enlightened the crowd about capital flows in India. The same day and the same venue also witnessed the arrival of Mr. Ashok Gulati, Chairman of Commision for Agricultural Costs and Prices, who expressed his views on the “Elusive quest for growth in agriculture”.  “1% growth in agriculture is more effective in reducing poverty than growth in any other sector of the economy.”, said Mr. Gulati fervently.  He also spoke extensively on China’s exemplary economic growth that rests largely on its flourishing agriculture. In the evening session of the summit a panel discussion was organised with Mythili Bhushnurmath a consulting Editor of The Economic Times and Reetika Khera, a social activist and professor of Economics, IIT Delhi. On Saturday, the day began with Mr. D.K Kumar  enlightening the students about the importance of CSR in the corporate sector. He gave the examples of several known brands and conglomerates that have now understood the importance of CSR and are working towards making it an important element of their success. Alongside, a number of events took place, like Paper presentation, a debate on Macroeconomic policy and a short film making competition which had enthusiastic students participating in good numbers. Aishwarya Chaurasia            &    Vatsala Gaur [email protected]         [email protected]]]>

The Economics Society at SRCC represents the college through its academic and equally fun filled program, and is one of the few societies that is active all around the academic year. It has been making constant endeavours to encourage and tap among students the enthusiasm relating to the realms that Economics, as a social science, has the power to effect. Commitment to Innovation has always given thrust to the society to take up initiatives and broaden its horizons; guided by such notions, the Society is organizing a National Level Summit in the ambit of ‘SHRI RAM ECONOMICS SUMMIT’ on the 8-9th February 2013 and its Annual National Level Economics Festival, ECOSTASY’13 on the 11 & 12th of February 2013. SRES’13– The economics that we learn inside classrooms is one thing, the economic research that one does is another. But nothing can be compared to the change in outlook that one would acquire, the cumulus of exchanges that one will enjoy, the experience that one would accumulate through The Shri Ram Economics Summit. The past years having been marked with tough times on the economic front and a lot of policymaking amidst the socio-political confusion, this makes, ‘Current Macroeconomic Issues in India’ the most apt theme for the summit as it leaves room for rigorous debating and discussions with much to grasp. Two days of the summit will include lectures given by some of the most renowned economists of the country in the Speaker Sessions, each focussing on a different theme like capital inflows, agrarian crisis and CSR; an immensely engrossing Panel Discussion, set on the on-going national debate of ‘Subsidising Mechanism: PDS or Cash Transfer’. The list of speakers/panellists includes- Dr. C Rangarajan, Chairman, PM’s Economic Advisory Council; Dr. Ashok Gulati, Chairman, CACP; Mrs. Utsa Patnaik & Mr. CP Chandrashekar, from JNU; Reetika Khera, IIT-D; Ms. Mythili Bhushanmurth, ET and Mr. Praveen Jha, JNU. Visit: www.shrirameconsummit.in for more details and registrations. ECOSTASY’13– Block your calendars and reschedule your appointments. It’s here. And it’s back with a bang. Ecostasy is one of the largest Economics festivals at the undergraduate level in India providing a platform for exchange of ideas and information amongst the brightest minds in the country. Attracting a footfall of over 5000 last year, it witnessed extensive participation of esteemed colleges from all across India- Loyola’s, Chennai, St. Xaviers, Kolkata and Christ University, Bangalore et al. The members of the Economics society have planned a multitude of exciting events for you to challenge your skills in competitions simulating real life situations. Test your stock market transaction skills in a classic and engaging mock stocks game, “Share Dare” and get your analytical mind together to crack a brainstorming series of cases in “Econo-vincere”, the case-study competition. Not only that, you also get to play your way through a live Monopoly board, get an opportunity to unleash the journalist within you in an economics-centered field investigation project. There are lots more action-packed events lined up, which are certainly going to make you put on your thinking caps and step into the shoes of economists. To top it all off, the prize money at Ecostasy has been one of the highest that is offered among Economics based inter-college competitions in the country. To register yourself, log on to www.srccecosoc.com.]]>