Addictions and obsessions are often associated with drugs and alcohol, however, there are a number of activities or substances in our daily life to which we are deeply addicted, but remain ignorant about.

1. Mobile Phones and Social Media:
In today’s world, a talk about obsession without a mention of the handy telephone is impossible. We, on a daily basis without even our notice spend around 3 to 4 hours in vain, on our mobile phones. Scrolling through social media to have a glimpse of what all is going on in the lives of others, we often end up ignoring what is going on in our own. Mobile gaming is another villain that keeps calling us, to pick up the device. Lost in a world of PubG, Call of Duty and Counter Strike, we fail to realise the shortcomings we are causing to our own world. Using electronic gadgets occasionally as a break from work or for a positive purpose is harmless, but feeling a continous and surfeit urge to scroll or play is what can make a person phonophobic.

2. Chai/Coffee Fuelled Survival:
With the common and trending slang quotes and memes, a dependency on coffee or tea is assumed to be hip and cool. But, trust me, it’s not. A person’s inability to meet the daily grind in the absence of a cup of chai or coffee, or facing difficulty in even getting up from sleep without the daily dose of caffeine is not something healthy. Dependency on anything or anyone never gets counted in the positives. It is only the strength and ability to manage every condition, every circumstance, that makes one rise above mediocrity. So, all those who attach a tag of coffee-holic and tea-lovers to themselves, need to understand that having your cup of coffee or kadakchai thrice a day due to the immense love you have for its flavour is no bad but, having it because without it, your routine will not be able to function, is a serious issue which needs to be worked upon.

3. Fitness Freaks:
Gym and exercising are good only until they benefit the body and enhance your health, but once they starts to have an opposite effect of over-straining and begin giving excessive fatigue to your body, they become a hazard. Especially when despite of physical pain, you find yourself unable to avoid straining physical exercise, you become an addict. People, who even after a serious injury or breakdown, cannot resist going to the gym or resting their daily work-out regime, become at risk to causing extreme trouble to themselves and their bodies. So, all the gym-freaks out there, it is fine to relax for a day. Even John Cena and The Undertaker probably have their cheat days.

4. Porn Addiction:
Sexual needs and a want for their satisfaction is something that every person desires for and therefore taking support of pornographic material available online is not something viscous. But, again facing a depravity of sleep or a sense of discomfort in its absence is harmful. Over doing can have serious health implications for both males and females. Self-control is not something only necessary for the well-being of your body but is also beneficial to your mental health.

5. Shopping: A Guilty Pleasure
An excessive urge to shop is a medically recognized addiction known as, Oniomania. Making yourself fall in debt just to buy shiny branded articles makes you an Omnomaniac. It usually arises with a feeling of depression or a constant thinking of perceiving oneself inferior from others. One can understand its serious implications on their bank balance from our very favourite Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic.

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Having bid adieu to uniforms, daily lunchboxes, and travelling in school buses, college is when you learn how and where to spend money.

Coming to college is a step towards becoming an adult; but it can be a tough nut to crack when it comes to managing finances. Here are some tips to manage all this, smartly and efficiently: 


In all the excitement to go to college all prepared, we do not realise how much money has been spent. When the realisation begins to kick-in, it is best to not have an ambiguous figure in your head; rather, a clear image of how much money is spent on different four major things – clothes, travel, food, and books or other resource material. You can also modify this budget list by adding or removing fields, based on your spending or interests. 

Spending Smartly and Saving

Now try and identify expenses which can be moderated. Instead of purchasing books every semester, borrow these from your seniors or even buy them second-hand. This is a smart choice, given that there is a possibility they will have notes, or important points marked. 

Instead of buying whatever clothes please your eye, make sure you try them on in the store, so there is no possibility of them being the wrong size, or something you are not comfortable in. 

Ishita of Kamala Nehru College (KNC) gave a good tip and said, “I live in Dwarka where rickshawallahs ask for a lot of money even if you go in the shared ones, I discovered that Ola and Uber cost less and were more convenient.” It is important to try out different routes or transports to rule out the most tedious ones. 

Student Discounts and Offers

Today, there are endless online stores, apps, offers and combos that allow you to spend smartly, and save plenty. You only need to become aware of these avenues, for example, waiting for sales to buy clothes. Devyani Arora, a student of KNC, shared, “Many food apps have discounts that can be availed, and there are coupons that reduce the cost further. If you do not have coupons, you can also pay through Amazon Pay or Paytm to get some cashbacks.”

When going out with friends you can look for restaurants offering “1+1” deals. Arora went on to add, “Using online portals or payment through credit cards can also help get points for you to redeem later.”

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Last week, we came out with an article which laid out the most common base technologies, whether hardware or software, that you’ll essentially require to make your DU experience smoother and more exciting. While that list catered to the necessities, this one, ‘Tech for Freshers- Part 2’ caters to all your temptations.

We begin by mentioning the loner in the hardware side:


1. Bluetooth Speaker

This invention purposefully solves the problem of frequent requirement of loud music at a cheap cost. Whether you are on a department trip or a birthday party of one of your friends, a Bluetooth Speaker can ensure that you never go out of the supply of loud music. Oh and did we forget to mention? You can force your choice of music on others too.

Source: i.ytimg.com

And the better part of the software side:

1. For Dating Needs:

Tinder, Badoo, TrulyMadly, Lovoo – Gone are the days when love in college life meant love in the college campus. Like many other things, finding love or dating has changed for the 21st century. If you don’t find connections in your college, the tech cupid will help you find one using these apps.


Sources: Tinder icon: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tinder&hl=en
Badoo icon: https://badoo.com/
TrulyMadly icon: http://trulymadly.com/
Lovoo icon: http://www.appsforpc9.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/lovoo_logo.png

2. For Transportation Needs:


Uber, Ola, Jugnu – Even though the Delhi Metro will serve as the main source of your transportation, there will be times when your actual destination won’t be a walking distance from your ‘nearest’ metro station or when you’re carrying luggage that you can’t drag in the metro, especially while visiting NCR. These apps will help you get around the city at affordable rates.

Sources:Uber icon: https://2q72xc49mze8bkcog2f01nlh-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/New-Logo-Vertical-Dark.jpg
Ola icon: https://naushad.me/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Ola_Cabs_Logo.png
Jugnoo icon: http://www.businessofapps.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/jugnoo_app-copy.png

3. For Shopping Needs:

Flipkart, Amazon – Local markets are where you’ll do most of your shopping but at times, you’ll need stuff that’s just not available there. These apps will help you get that stuff right at your doorstep.
Paytm – As we get more technologically equipped, exchange of paper money moves towards obsolescence. Paytm wallet is the largest e-wallet in the country and has recently started to root its way into local markets. The day is not far when you’ll paytm the local paan wala for a cigarette or a chewing gum. Paytm also lets you transfer Paytm cash to your bank account for a small fee.


Sources: Flipkart icon: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c9/Flipkart_logo.png
Amazon icon: http://cdn.wccftech.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/amazon.png
Paytm icon: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/42/Paytm_logo.png

4. For Event Needs:


Bookmyshow – Cinema will have a very big space in your college life. Sitting in the canteen after bunking classes gets redundant and boring after a while. At one point you will want to move out of the college and go someplace else. This app will help you find the movie or play of your choice that you and your gang can go to.

Sources: Bookmyshow logo: https://in.bookmyshow.com/job-listings/wp-content/themes/bms-listings/images/logo.png

5. For Fashion and Styling Needs:

Wooplr & Roposo – The first impression you impart on your peers is made by the way you carry yourself and your clothes. There is no doubt that fashion and styles have their own social bonuses. These two apps will help you stay on top of all the latest trends and new ways to expand your wardrobe.


Wooplr logo:https://res.wooplr.com/image/upload/h_120/assets/website/icon/wooplr.png
Roposo logo: http://www.biifund.com/wp-content/uploads/roposo-transparent-500×250.png

6. For Food and Beverages Needs:


Zomato and Swiggy – Someone has rightly said – You are what you eat”.
Don’t take it literally. It doesn’t mean that you’ll turn into a potato if you eat one. Food and choice of food can really define your personality. Also, in your journey as an undergraduate, you’ll encounter many moments where you’ll find yourself wanting to eat at places different from your regular ‘addas’. Zomato will help come in handy at that time. Swiggy is for times when you’re hungry and lazy, and want your food delivered to your doorstep which is not served by a fast food chain such as McDonalds or Pizza Hut.

Sources: Zomato icon: http://logos-download.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Zomato_logo.png
Swiggy icon: https://2q72xc49mze8bkcog2f01nlh-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/pune/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2015/09/swiggy-logo.png

Therefore, with this, we wrap up our list of a general tech guide for all students stepping into the university. Since every student is different, there are some apps which are better suited for some than others. Also, since the needs of a student are ever expanding, new techs are always emerging, both, on the hardware and the software/application fronts. Do let us know if there are some other essential technologies that we’ve missed out on.

You can also check out some other apps in this article which would help you sail through your college life and make it much more memorable.

Image Credits: Featured image- natashascrazylife.blogspot.com
Others- As cited above, respectively.

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Little Black Book Delhi brings DU Beat’s readers something awesome to explore for the fortnight! This week help you plan your holidays!

With the month packed with Christmas and the New Year approaching we are all shopping and preparing for our trips. This time we give you places to pick up some new shawls and stoles and great place to pick up cakes! For those who are not travelling could spend time learning a new skill and or take a quick break from the city.


A great new collection of leather boots and jackets are available at Sarojini market and Paharganj {Light on wallet too!}. Gift shopping can never get better at Shahpur Jat.  LBBD’s also picked out a special selection of stores for shawls and stoles; don’t forget to check them out!

Shawls and stoles | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/26904/shops-shawls-stoles-delhi/

Shopping in Shahpur Jat | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/18530/little-black-book-for-shahpur-jat/

Paharganj Guide | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/8364/simply-digging-pahadganj/

Dance classes around town

Whether its energetic jazz or the good old classical Indian dances forms, Delhi has everything in its stores. A new skill never hurt anyone!

Details | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/17919/delhi-dance-classes-and-centres/

Classical Schools | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/19364/classical-dances-little-black-book/

Learn a new language

Spice up everyday conversation from ‘Hello! How are you?’ to ‘Hola! Que tal?’ There is the whole range of European language centers in the city along with places that teach regional and language from the sub-continent.

Foreign Languages | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/14059/foreign-language-courses-delhi-lbbd/

Language from the Sub-Continent | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/25040/zabaan-language-courses/

Quick Getaways

If you haven’t planned a trip, the city has some quick getaway destinations. One can enjoy the spa at the gorgeous Neemrana Fort or spend some quiet time reading at Chambal Safari Lodge. If you are visting Goa, do try some of our favorites at the beach town.

Details | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/25858/5-roadtrips-delhi/

Goa Plans | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/27093/guide-things-to-do-goa/


The festive season is the perfect reason to explore new bakeries and cakes to cut. If you look at the right places, the city has prepared some new flavors beyond the everyday chocolate and pineapple. Here are our favorite bakers in town.

Bakeries | http://littleblackbookdelhi.com/23716/bakeries-delhi/

Join us on www.littleblackbookdelhi.com for more of the best of the city! Write to us at [email protected] for any suggestions, recommendations or inputs.

[/caption] South Campus is often looked upon as North Campus’ poor cousin; the cousin with few ‘cool’ colleges and not much to offer. But this is only a common misconception. There’s no doubting the fact that South can give North a run for its money any day. Not only does it have some of the best colleges but also some of the coolest hangout zones. Satya Niketan is a shining example of exactly that. It’s South Campus’ answer to their Kamla Nagar, or KNags, as they prefer to call it. It is inarguably the most preferred hangout spot for the South Campus folks. There is nothing else that could possibly explain why students from Venky, JMC, DCAC, Maitreyi, RLA etc. flock to it every day. Known for its hookah parlours, Satya Niketan is also famous for its amazing food. And the variety is mind boggling! 34 Chowringhee Lane needs absolutely no introduction for there is no greater sin for a South Campus student than missing out on their rolls, a sin that can never be atoned. Missing out on the mouth watering rolls which are a specialty of the market is just an added disadvantage. The tandoori momos from QD’s, the yummy milk shakes and Maggi from Keventers, the burgers from Bake Day… the list of the delicious food available is endless. The folks here are also open to experimenting with different cuisines as is proven by the newly opened Naga eatery, Essence of the East. But for those who like to play it safe, there’s also Pizza Hut and CCD. Another major attraction here is the string of pool parlours and gaming arcades. Not only does it prove to be a stress buster for most students, it also serves as a convenient place for them to hang out when they want to bunk classes but don’t know where to go. The only drawback, the market has limited options for shopping. However, a few boutiques have recently opened up here but whether or not they get good business is something that only time will tell. And even if it doesn’t, Sarojini Nagar will always remain a stone’s throw away.   Surya Rajappan [email protected]]]>

5. Let the shopaholic in you take control. Waltz into random malls and buy everything you see!



4. Remember the nasty shopkeeper who refused to bargain when you were broke? Stomp right past his shop and buy two of whatever it was you wanted from the shop beside it.shop 2


3. Take out your loaded wallet every time a hot girl/guy walks by and loudly say “If only I had a girl/boyfriend to splurge all this money on…”


2. Convert all the money into chillar, fill your bath tub with them and have a money-bath like that demented duck in some cartoon show


1.  If you still have money left, spare some thought for your kind brother who made this all possible. Buy him the weirdest and most useless thing you can find!