It is the end of Dilli’s bone-chilling winters and the beginning of the chubti-jalti garmi, and yes, Holi hai! The great Indian festival of colours is back with a splash and it’s time for dirty buckets full of gruesome concoctions, coupled with desi face painting. With a splash, old grudges and resentments are washed out. It’s also the time when our dearest television channels cash in on the festival, and have a field day broadcasting movie after movie on Holi, indirectly making us all spectators to the dance drama of white-sari clad heroines frolicking around daintily in gardens, avoiding the overly-masculine hero, with the background dancers gyrating in sync to perfectly timed and coordinated steps.

Holi is also the festival of forgiveness and a time to make amends, and according to our family friendly movie industry, the perfect time to indulge in the ecstasy of bhang and chase after the pretty girl. Over the years, Hindi movies have ensured that not a single popular festival is song-less and they seem to make them more and more clichéd over the years.

So here’s a list of the top 5 most clichéd and over used holi songs from various Bollywood movies over the ages:

Rang Barse – Silsila

The staple song for any Holi gathering; it is as typical as it can get. All-star ensemble cast, petals, bheegi chunris and plateful of colours with Big B chasing after his ex-flame Rekha with Mrs. Bacchan in the vicinity. Yeah, this would’ve definitely been the theme song for many love triangles looking for salvation back then.

Holi ke din – Sholay

Another Amitabh starrer, but has Dharmender dancing to impress Hema Malini. If you cannot forget the song, you also cannot forget Gabbar Singh asking his cronies in his characteristic style, “Holi…kab hai Holi”.

Aaj na chodenge – Kati Patang

This wonderful film starring Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh became a super hit in the year 1970. Adding to the success was this typically bhang-filled song, where Rajesh Khanna played the role of the quintessential hero, loving and quite obviously, teasing the heroine on Holi. Set in a rural setting, this song was definitely one for the masses.

Ang se ang lagana – Darr

The title says it all. This song looked more like a Tide ad than a music video and had a plethora of strange background dancers. Juhi Chawla looked pretty as ever. The only contrast was Shahrukh Khan as the obsessive lover boy.

Do me a favour let’s play holi – Waqt

Keeping the worst/best for last, this song had Anu Malik written all over it. Annoyingly nasal voice, funny dance moves, and a very awkward Akshay Kumar. This song was the mother of all holi songs when it came out in 2005.