sex myths


My macchis and appams I know you missed Amma last week. Amma missed writing to you too, but was too tired to do anything! After the last time Amma’s mail has been flooded with a lot of myths and doubts about STDs.
Amma is so happy to see all her idlis and dosas concerned about STDs and willing to ask questions about it. Reading through your questions and worries Amma saw that there was a lot of Inflatable water park confusion and ambiguity regarding them. Push everything aside and read on to get a clearer picture!

There are high chances of getting an STD after spilling your rasam if you have unprotected sex. It is not just sex which might lead to getting infected. STDs can Inflatable obstacle course for sale be contacted through exchange of bodily fluids.

Coming to the most common enquiry by you all, yes STDs can even be contacted after having had oral sex. It is not necessary to indulge in an intercourse. Oral sex will not lead to pregnancy in any which way but the chances of STD’s are high. Amma advises you all to use condoms even while indulging in oral sex. For all those unaware dosas and vadas, the condoms are flavoured for this very reason!

Amma fiercely believes in trying out new things in the bedroom with new flavours every time! (Because, with all the fun, protection is a must.)

Hello my lovely idlis and dosas! Amma knows that after last week, your doubts about sex and the hype around it have lessened. A lot of you also wrote to me about your concerns regarding masturbation.
Don’t worry my lovely macchis, Amma is here to guide you!

Amma knows that masturbation seems like a taboo topic to talk about, let alone raise questions about it. I know you’re shy. Fret not! There was a time when yours truly was shy about it too; but not anymore. Amma has decided to address these concerns of yours this time.

First and foremost, don’t shy away from talking about it. This doesn’t mean that you go on announcing to your whole circle about how good it feels to spill your batter but when the topic comes up, don’t be afraid to admit your indulgence in a little pleasure. It’s nothing to be ashamed about! And you should definitely not deny it.

Coming to your fears about masturbating, it’s nothing harmful and won’t cause any impairment or damage. It won’t lead to an outbreak of pimples on your face, or an increased body hair growth and it certainly will not make you impotent babas. All these ‘reactions’ do not happen because you start masturbating, but because you strike puberty.
Moving on, masturbation is not something only the men have gained monopoly on. I don’t want you to go into shock but women too, indulge in a little pleasure seeking activity every now and then, just like you dudes. So, next time someone talks about it or tells you about them, try not to judge them, but accept and understand their sexual autonomy.

Amma believes that her lovely macchis will not indulge in any self loathing or think too much after getting playful with themselves. There is absolutely no harm in it and no guilt must be felt in seeking pleasure.
Amma has been there, and done it all.