The article is a take on the internship culture, the dilemma it presents to college undergrads and the possible alternative solutions that seem to summarize a student’s summer break post pandemic .

If I had to pitch in the latest episode of black mirror that intrinsically captures the essential collapse of society, I might just bring to the table the possible plot of a dystopia the summer break essentially is, with a love triangle, featuring the insane tension between a college student, summer internships and the reclusive possibilities of an actual summer vacation.

An intern is an unfledged hustler entering what’s basically the hunger games of employment where undergrads try to maximize any and every chance to be pumped out as career ready hirelings. The internship culture has taken the entirety of universities across the globe as an efficient yet at times, a deceptive ploy at adulting.

The benefits of internships range from cost effective employment drives to efficient skill set peddling, a channel of networking and hands on experience in fields the student tends to value more than the drowsy July lectures in sepia toned stifling classrooms, no wonder it seems like the perfect step in the “type A” coded corporate world. But internships aren’t the typical “grabbing coffee for your boss and excel sheet presentations in office ” Nancy Myers fantasy, but rather a tight rope of balancing deadlines and breakdowns.

Even though a stipend incentivised internships offer an angel’s halo to the ever broke student stereotype, they can be exceedingly exploitive in the favour of the status quo and when this exploitation is mechanized as a necessity by colleges coupled with the peer pressure of ‘not doing enough’ it becomes a problem at hand, a predicament that Delhi University undergraduates currently juxtapose with their one shot at having a true summer break for once. While one section decides to upscale through the increasingly popular advent of ‘summer schools’ ,  the other has an undeterred resolve of the ‘perfect CV’ that has their most fancied summer internships as the crown jewel, while others fancy their truly deserved summer break in the sweet nostalgia of their home towns or fancy holidays that make up a core memory .

The onset of adulthood, the anxiousness of leaving your formative years behind too fast and the ruthless race to succeed in an unforgiving world – all adds up to the truly tormenting experience of being a college student facing the brink of the summer break .

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What will you get if you combined “Sex and the City” and “Friends” together? Desperate Housewives! It is a sitcom that ran for 8 seasons covering the lives of 4 female friends and their neighbours at Wisteria Lane in a town called Fairview. Mystery sets in when one of the housewives, Mary Alice commits suicide even though she seemed to be happy in her life. She, as the narrator, unfolds the story of what had happened after she had killed herself. Like any other soap opera, it has the usual characteristics of betrayal, dark secrets, revenge, and manipulation, but combined with the intense bond that Bree, Susan, Lynette and Gabrielle share along with the humour that runs along the show, makes it a completely unique show in itself. If you loved friends, you’ll love this show just as much. Bree Larson is the perfect housewife who will keep her home spic and span and take all measures to hide her family’s secrets. She is very religious and old-fashioned and having a gay son definitely brings about a change in her. By the end of season 4, she learns to trust her friends with her secrets. Susan is a dorky and widowed woman who falls in love with a new neighbour Mike Delfino and ends up marrying him. Lynette is a mother of 4 children who has to leave her success in the workplace to gain success as a mother. Gabrielle, on the other hand, is a runway model-turned-housewife after she married a rich man, Carlos Solis. While the directors and producers might not have a direct progressive ideology, it is subtly liberal and that makes it more consumable. More than housewives, these four women take on the roles of detectives, advisors, organisers, and even hold conventional jobs throughout the show. The enforced stereotypes scattered around the show are funny and parodic commentaries on the concept of traditional households. Moreover, it is relatable to the dis-functionality of a regular Indian household. The humour, sarcasm, and relatability of the show make it a gripping and addictive watch.   Feature Image Credits: The Hollywood Report Varoon Tuteja [email protected]]]>

The premiere of Riverdale’s second season is scheduled on 11th October, and that of Emmy-nominated Stranger Things is appropriately just before Halloween, on 27th October. These much-hyped comebacks have a lot of exciting fan theories building up. But, hey, what about college internals? October is the onset of the exam season, with an overflow of assignments and internals. Take a break, watch the reruns of these shows while you wait for the new seasons, and build up some fan theories of your own.

Unlike the upbeat tone of the Archie Comics, the trailer of Riverdale starts off with some quick cuts that take on a noir, suspense-thriller tone. Since hitting our screens in January, Riverdale surprised critics and viewers alike. The Jason Blossom murder mystery has been solved, but there are plenty more questions to answer in this modestly dark town. Season one of the show ended with the murder of Archie’s father, Fred Andrews, in the local diner. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, show’s creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said the identity of Fred Andrew’s shooter will be “the mystery that launches season two”. There are a plethora of fan theories just about who the killer is. Also, Betty’s brother – the abandoned son of Alice Cooper – is to appear in this season, theories say, as Chic Cooper. Can Joaquin the Southside Serpent have Cooper blood? If so, the tense moments between Mrs. Cooper and FP could be somewhat explainable. Hiram Lodge will finally share the screen, answering a lot more questions about his elusive character. Hope all stays good between our beloved Betty and Jughead; after all, he’s a Southside Serpent now and went on to stay in the southern part of the town. Will Veronica and Archie share more chemistry this season? There’s a lot to take in from the 30-second trailer, and it only gets crazier from there. Does Archie have a gun? Why is Jughead sneaking around a dark house with a baseball bat? Who is wearing the mask?


Set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s, the first season of Stranger Things focused on the investigation into the disappearance of a young boy amid supernatural events occurring around the town, including the appearance of a psychokinetic girl who helps the missing boy’s friends in their own search. The second season is set a year after the first, and deals with attempts of the characters to return to “normal”, as well as consequences from the first season. The second season seems to have scenes set during Halloween having that retro ’80s throwback vibe. It turns out that this season will have a different vibe to the first, adopting a more ‘slow-burn’ atmosphere. “Trick or Treat?” states the caption of the latest poster of Stranger Things,an illustration of a young boy amidst a creepy field of pumpkins. Nancy and Mike are mourning for the apparent losses of their friends Barb and Eleven; however, the major part of the season is that Eleven is still alive! It all started with Will’s disappearance, but it was just the beginning: the adventure is yet to unfold its grasps. Can’t wait more!


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