Self – Acceptance


Being apologetic about the mistakes that you made is a good quality but saying sorry for the sake of it is not good. We express regret for things which are a part of our personality and have no control over. It’s time to stop saying ‘sorry’ for every little thing.

I am one of the people who apologize profusely, sometimes for no reason at all. We often say ‘sorry’ in the spur of the moment without even thinking twice. However, for certain things, one shouldn’t feel guilty for and offer apologies.

Taking a break– It’s okay to take time off and take a moment to just breathe. In this technological world, every day has become super hectic, with one being just a call or a text away. All of this can be overwhelming and can lead to burnout. One should not have any feelings of guilt while taking a break, guilt of being unproductive. It’s important to stop sometimes, for your own good, especially when being overwhelmed with work.

Expressing your opinion– One should not be afraid to use their voices to express what they think and feel. Nobody wishes to hurt others’ feelings or let people down but the truth must be spoken. It’s important to raise our voices and freely express ourselves when something doesn’t feel right.

Being yourself– You’re what you’re today because of the experiences you had. You may not be at your best today. However, one should work hard every day to become the best version of them. Nobody is perfect and hence, one should be a little gentle to themselves. We all make mistakes and it’s a part of the process. Stop being so harsh on yourself and keep your head held high.

Asking for help– You can’t always stay strong. You fear that by showing that you’re being weak at your lowest point you are being vulnerable and that someone would take advantage. However, that’s not the case. After all, you’re a human. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s totally fine to ask someone for help if the situation wants you to. Do not listen to your ego which tells you otherwise.

Putting an end to unhealthy relationships– It can be so unpainful to let go of people who were once a huge part of your life. However, if that person is destroying your mental health then it’s time to let go. Everyone deserves to be loved and appreciated. Also, you should not feel bad for doing this.

Displaying emotions– Some people are uncomfortable with the fact that a small percentage of people like to show their emotions. They can’t seem to deal with the rawness and honesty of the emotions and end up asking you to suppress them. That’s not a healthy approach to have. One should express their emotions freely and should never be ashamed for being upfront about them.

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Disha Saxena

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