Gear up for fall, the season may bring its blues, but don’t let it affect your fashion hues!

Rustling leaves, and crimson and golden streets filled with scrumptious leaves, autumn can mean many different things to many different people. It can mean shedding the past and moving forward for some, or can act as a horrid reminder that the winters are approaching. While everyone has their own interpretations for fall, let’s focus on how this season is a boon for your fashionable spirit.


  • Make denims your best friend

Denims, by far are the most versatile clothing in your closet. Be it the denim jeans/skirts or denim jackets, there is simply so much you can do with them. Focus on being big on denim. Denim jackets are the most accommodating top-wear you can have. The best part is that they are so easily available, from flea markets to luxury brands, they can be found in different cuts and colours everywhere. They come in blue, purple, pink, and classic denim, among many other colours, and look great paired with leggings and a midi-dress.

Auburn tip: Go for a denim on denim look, without feeling lost or insecure. Faded colours in oversized denim jackets along with a maxi denim skirt or flared jeans is a good outfit option.


  • Cliché’ with Cardigans

Cardigans are probably the most comfortable and every man clothing you will find. When it comes to styling outfits, a cardigan can prove to be your best friend. Stick to more greys and olives, as they are the perfect neutral colour to add to the hues of the season. Pair it up with your denims for a casual look, or chic it up by pairing them with a sundress. The best part about fall is that you can mix and match summer and winter looks to create a whole new outift. 

Auburn tip: stick to more oversized cardigans to give a raw but appealing look to your outfits.


  • Stripe it all out

Invest in your fall wardrobe by emphasizing on stripes. A striped sweatshirt is the perfect blend of comfy and stylish. However, be aware of which stripe pattern you choose. If you have a curvy figure, accentuate it with horizontal stripes, if you are petite, stick to vertical stripes, to elongate the figure.

 Auburn tip: pair an oversized striped hoodie with black leggings, for a comfy ootd (outfit of the day).


  • Boot-ilicious

It goes without saying the most basic essential for your fall and winter closet is a nice pair of boots. Selecting the right boot may be a tough task considering what you are going for. Ankle or thigh high boots, tan crème’ or suede black shades, are all good options to be paired with most outfits. Uggs are another option for a stylish boot hybrid, that keep you warm while making you look good at the same time. They go with every outfit, so it is a good investment for sure.

Auburn tip: Go for patterned stockings like polka dots rather than a staple fishnet to add more thrill to your boot-outfit.


  • Burgundy is a must have in your closet

Burgundy and all the crimson-wine shades are a must-have in your closet. Autumn and burgundy sync together perfectly. Be it burgundy knit sweaters or a beret cap, a lovely scarf or a pretty tote bag, it complements the fall season perfectly.

Auburn tip: stick to darker makeup. Keeping burgundy and darker shades in your makeup palette is an ideal choice. Remember, autumn and winter are more inclined to strong colour palettes, unlike their summer contemporaries.


  • Who said Bandanas are only for the summers?

Bandanas go perfectly with summer outfits but who says you cannot experiment with them in fall? You can use your bandana in many more ways, apart from the headband look. A neck scarf, or a wrist scarf, it is the definition of gracefulness. You can even style your bandana by tying it on your handbags.


Auburn tip: Tie a bandana around your neck, as a scarf,  for a new twist on the classic headgear.


  • Load up on accessories

It is the small details which make for a well-coordinated outfit. Load up on accessories like beautiful scarves and stoles, beret caps, etc for a more Parisian vibe. Belts and chokers are accessories best paired with an edgy denim jacket.

Auburn tip: Autumn is also a good time to experiment with your hair. Darker shades of brown or blonde look good as they compliment most outfits. 


So welcome this fall season with the perfect wardrobe and don’t let the seasons blues get to you.



Feature Image credits: Sazan Barzani

Avnika Chhikara

[email protected]