What unfolds when the fate of an ordinary reporter at the pinnacle of her career suddenly changes as she is forced to face the harsh reality of prison? “Scoop” offers all the answers.

“Scoop” is an engrossing crime drama series that follows the journey of a reporter chasing a case from a newsroom to spending days in prison as a suspected criminal. The six-episode series, directed by Hansal Mehta and Mrunmayee Lagoo Waikul, is available on Netflix for viewers.

The show is an adaptation of journalist Jigna Vora’s memoir, “Behind Bars in Byculla: My Days in Prison.” In the lead role of Jagruti Pathak, a character closely based on Jigna Vora, actress Karishma Tanna delivers a compelling performance. She breathes life into the character, infusing it with a sense of simplicity. Jagruti is portrayed as a woman from an ordinary Gujarati family. The show provides a captivating glimpse into her thrilling and passionate life as a crime reporter at Eastern Age, who is always on the hunt for the next big scoop. It’s her story of struggle and personal sacrifices as a single mother and the sole breadwinner for her family. The latter part of the series takes a tragic turn, focusing on her life events when she was accused of the murder of a fellow journalist and allegations of connections with an underworld gangster. The series boasts an exceptional supporting cast, including actors like Harman Baweja and Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub, who deliver outstanding performances.

“Scoop” has emerged as one of this year’s most popular shows, owing to its exceptional cinematography and storytelling style. The creators have skillfully intertwined the harsh realities of the world of crime with the dynamic realm of journalism. The two contrasting but dark realities culminate in a tragedy where Jagruti Pathak finds herself as the prime suspect in a high-profile murder case. This results in the loss of her job, a tarnished reputation, and the withdrawal of support from her community. She then endures challenging months behind bars, anxiously awaiting the possibility of bail.

“Scoop” not only excels in compelling storytelling, it also has powerful dialogues. It provides the viewers with a glimpse into the complex world of journalism, where the line between ethics and exaggeration often blurs the truth. The show highlights the moral conundrum that journalists encounter when deciding whether to back Jagruti in her fight for justice or use her as a ‘scoop’ for their headlines. In the backdrop of a newsroom where jealousy and fierce competition for a spot on the front page prevail, the show challenges viewers to contemplate the fine balance between relentlessly chasing a story and the wisdom of knowing when to step back.

One particularly striking line in the show, delivered by Imraan (played by Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub), the editor-in-chief of Eastern Age, summarizes the essence of true journalism: “If someone says it’s raining and someone says it’s dry, it is our job to look outside your window and decide which is true.” This thought-provoking line invites the audience to reflect on the quality of journalism they encounter in their daily lives. The dramatic twist of events in Jagruti’s life, from dominating the headlines as a respected crime reporter to becoming the headline herself as a crime suspect, is what makes “Scoop” an incredibly compelling and engaging watch.

“Scoop” stands as a top recommendation for anyone seeking to grasp the value and significance of quality, ethical journalism in a world often consumed by the thirst for power and wealth.

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Priya Agrawal

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