Considering the low-attendance challenges, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College decides to undertake necessary actions for nearly 1,397 students out of the total 3,600.

In a notice dated December 8, 2023, released by Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, the institution decided not to issue examination admit cards to students with attendance less than 40% in the semester. The decision made aligns with the earlier notices issued to the students urging them to meet the attendance requirements as per Delhi University norms. 

The notice clearly stated that students with attendance ranging from 40% to 66.66% will receive examination admit cards upon submitting an undertaking for covering up the deficit attendance and ensuring the combined average attendance of the two semesters to become at least 66.67% while declining the issuance of admit cards to the students whose attendance falls below 40% in any semester. 

As per The Times of India (TOI) reports, Arun Kumar Attree, principal of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, said,

“The college is now grappling with the emergence of a ‘college of correspondence’, where many students attend courses merely as a formality”.  

The students have been given the final chance up to December 12 to rectify any attendance discrepancies and provide any other document or information in support of their claim to meet the minimum attendance criteria. 

 Expressing concern about the attitude of students towards attending classes and contrasting it with the dedication of the teachers, Attree added,

“Some students were genuinely absent due to extracurricular activities such as sports, but there are some pursuing courses outside or focusing on their family business instead of attending classes. Enough is enough. We can’t keep going on like this. Our college has to get rid of this reputation of its students not caring about attendance.”

Demanding a shift towards merit-based education, he also highlighted the need for reserving educational opportunities for deserving students while mentioning instances where students who secured admission through CUET treated the college like a mere examination centre, coming to college only for exams. 

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Dhairya Chhabra

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The students and teachers of Kamala Nehru College hosted eCognitio, an innovative e-learning workshop promoting collaborative learning, in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College on 22nd April, 2016. The workshop witnessed enthusiastic participation from from both students and teachers. Held in association with the DU Innovation Projects scheme, under Dr. Rupa Basu and her team of students, the one-day long workshop focused on the use of e-learning tools and Open Education Resources (OER).

The workshop began with a formal introduction of e-learning techniques that can be used to make classroom learning more interactive. This session was conducted by Mrs. Aditi Basu Roy, a pedagogy and subject matter expert in e-learning. The primary objective of this session was to introduce the concepts of active and blended learning from the elementary level. The session was well received by the attendees who focused on the relevance of offbeat thinking in education.

Post this session, Ms. Sheetal Kale, an e-learning entrepreneur took over where she discussed the uses of basic Google tools of Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, etc. This session was most appreciated by the participants as they received a hands-on experience and practice of such tools. Training slides were presented to the participants on a projector and they were required to simultaneously work on their respective computer systems.

Mr. Sandeep Srivastava, a computer engineer and educationalist, joined in this session where he shared his personal experiences with e-learning and talked about the fallacies of the education system of the country today and the scope for improvement. “The system of inspection and correction with the use of e-learning in modern education has an unparalleled creditibilty.”, he emphasised.

By the end of this session, the aim was achieved successfully where each of the participants had their own personal sites which they created with the use of Google Sites.

The workshop wound up with a session that centered around a brief introduction of Open Education Resources by Ms. Anindita, a corporate expert on video-editing who explained the intricacies of video-editing with the help of clipconverter.cc. The team also circulated awareness forms on e-learning tools and feedback forms of the workshop with the aim of collective primary data for further research in the field.

One of the many such workshops, eCognitio plans to improvise on the content and cover as many college in DU as possible to garner a larger reach. The initiative aims to increase awareness and use of e-learning techniques in colleges and universities.

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Bricolage, the Literary Department of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College celebrated its Annual Literary fest—the 9th and 10th of March. SBSC is primarily known as a Commerce-oriented college, and indeed has one of the best Commerce Departments in Delhi University.

The well-shaded parking lot was transformed that day, with streamers, banners, posters, 3-D figures, food stalls by students, and book stalls by Katha, and bustling students dressed in departmental sweatshirts. The theme this year, after much debate, had been voted upon as ‘Fantasy’ and the festival, was accordingly called, Fantasia, 2016. One side of the area was entirely devoted to themed decorations: the Mad Hatter’s tea table was set, and the White Rabbit presided along with the grinning Cheshire Cat. The broom and the Witch’s Hat lay together, ready for the students to pose with, while from a corner a White Walker in a wig glared from behind the Iron Throne of Kings Landing.


Two days of fun-filled events awaited the quintessential DU student, along with a host of cash prizes and exciting gaming coupons from Smaash. Day One began with an Inaugural Function, with engaging Musical and Dance performances by the students of the Department. Since presidents of Audiophile (the Music Society) and Spardha (the Dance Society) were from the Department, the audience was in for a treat.

Doctor Angelie Multani, who is an Associate Professor of Literature at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, in IIT Delhi, delivered the Inaugural Lecture. She spoke beautifully on the topic of fantasy and the need to escape in the world of humdrum reality. The inaugural event also included a Puppet Show by local performers, Lala Bhatt and his wife Guddi, who attracted an immense audience to the stage.


After the Inaugural function, the Creative Writing event ‘Breaking the Block’ was held, sponsored by Delhipedia. The winners of the event are to be published by them, and were also gifted elegant diaries, embellished with maps and doodles—a traveller’s delight. The participants were asked to write about how fantasy is love, and were given a chance encounter to frame their piece. The Scene Enactment competition, ‘Act-O-Magic’ was held simultaneously, and the day finally concluded with the Book Cover Designing event, ‘Paint Your Dream’, in which the winning entry illustrated Goku, the protagonist of DragonBallZ in 21st Century India, the land of Oxy-Moron.

Day Two started with the Fantasy-Lit quiz, ‘Fanterrogate’, won by participants from Maharaja Agrasen College. The event was followed by an interactive Meet the Author session presided over by Keki N Daruwala, the Indian English poet.

Next in line was the Cosplay event, where the students dressed splendidly in costumes. The winning entries were Snow White, followed by Aladdin.


The Slam poetry event followed and a twist was added, as the participants were asked to compose a poem in 45 minutes and then perform it on stage. Thus, on a poetic note, the two-day fun-filled fiesta ended. The teachers and students took back fond memories of priceless moments spent on one of those rare, beautiful spring days that Delhi offers.


Guest post for DU Beat by Afeefa Nishaat