Santa Mail


Business depends on ideas. The ability to think creatively is perhaps the most desirable feature to make huge bucks. Many times, the most bizarre, unusual or plain crazy ideas become the most successful, just because they intrigue people and have the “wow” factor on their side.

For your amusement, we put up together a list of 10 most peculiar business ideas that brought a fortune to their owners.

10) CityKitty: Toilet training for cats so owners won’t have to empty the litter tray. Estimated to have made $1 million revenue in 2011.

9) Vocation Vacation: Holidays where people pay to work – jobs include sword making and alpaca making. Vacation cost up to $200 each. This has been a huge hit in foreign countries but one can’t take this chance in India for sure(people don’t work even when they are paid)

8) Lucky Wishbone Co.: Plastic wishbones allowing everyone to make a wish on Thanksgiving. It has generated $4million in sales since its launch.

7) AshleyMadison.com : Dating website for people already in relationship but who want an affair. Generated around $20 million in profits in 2011.

6) The Excused Absence Network: Provides fake doctors noted or jury summons so employees can take a day off. The site gets 15000 hits and notes cost $25 each.

5) The Million Dollar Homepage: Student AlexTew started a website selling advertising by pixels. Million dollar homepage.com made him over $1 million in just four months.

4) Santa Mail: Company that sends personalized letters to children from north pole. Over 315000 have sent since 2002 at a fee of $9.95.

3) Reserve a spot in heaven: for $13.79 people can reserve a place in heaven – with refunds of those who don’t make it. The site has gone from 80 visitors in a moth to thousands.

2) Doggles: Goggles to protect dogs eyes from sun and wind. Brings in around $3 million in annual sales.

1) Pet Rock: Rocks that could be kept as pets – complete with care manual and food. In the first 6 months on sale, they made an estimated profit of $15 million. This is really innovative.

So give a flight to your thoughts for you never know which might be a hit.