Rotary Blood Bank


AIESEC in Delhi University, in association with the Rotary Blood Bank & Rotary club of New Delhi, Organized a blood donation drive on world AIDS day at the Select Citywalk mall in Saket, South Delhi.


AIESEC In Delhi University is a branch of the Organization AIESEC, which is the largest youth run organization present in 113 countries. It focuses on creating a positive impact to the society, being the global youth voice, providing the students with leadership opportunities and exchange programs.

About the Event

“Do your bit,” was AIESEC in DU’s 1st pre-event to the, NATIONAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT ’13 to be held in the month of February’13 at Jaipur. “Do Your bit” was an initiative about setting an example for the youth, by having the largest number of students gathering to donate blood on the occasion of World AIDS DAY. The blood then went to Rotary Blood Bank & Rotary club of Delhi, who would provide it to those who needed it. On the 1st of December, the students campaigned around the mall, Select Citywalk, spreading facts about AIDS as well as convincing people to come and do their bit, by donating to contribute to the Nobel cause.

The event started at 1pm and began with the blood donation drive. There were about 150 registrations and around 80 accepted people donated blood. Others were rejected due to smoking, alcohol, Blood Pressure related issues etc. Apart from the students of AIESEC in Delhi University there were also interns from abroad who contributed to this cause. “I was very glad to be a part of this cause” was a sentiment shared by a Japnese Girls named Masa, who donated blood on the day. The event was thought to be, “Very Supportive” by a Sri Lankan girl named Sayuri, who supported the AIESEC interns in their initiative. The donors were provided with certificates, donor cards along with mugs as a token to their contribution. A gentleman of about 50 years, donated blood for the 45th time. He was, “Very glad to see students working on such a Nobel cause.” “I am very happy with the success of the event” was a closing remark made by Adhiraj Singh, president of AIESEC DU.

This camp stood out from yet another blood donation camp by having foreign interns (students) from AIESEC contributing to the cause. The day ended with 80 donors at 6 pm in the evening, and AIESEC in Delhi University an organization run for the students, by the students and from the students succeeded in their mission of Leading Young India.