Brace yourselves for a mocktickle upon the grief that has swallowed our dreams and continues to haunt us- reopening of colleges. Read ahead to know what mocktickle actually means. 

As reopening feels like a distant dream, the only thing left for us to do is feel hopeless. But for how long? This was supposed to be a phase, a time period that was supposed to end but has become an ever going dream, nightmare perhaps.

Apart from being sad and angry on a regular basis, this time and age of learning demands tons of things to be learnt but are we in any position to learn when our dreams have been made into torn papers that can never be in their original shape. Thus to lighten your hearts we present a mocktickle (yes I came up with that word, getting it registered soon, say hi to the Tharoor in me!) – an article to tickle you while mocking the situation we live in.

  • Visualise, Imagine, Dream

The perfect way to kill time until reopening is to stalk all your seniors and gaze at their fest photos. Try imagining yourself in their place and derive pleasure from this dreamy scrolling of Instagram. If you are a part of any society or aspire to be one, provoke the stalker inside you and search the entire history of your society. Watch every youtube playlist, every performance, every Facebook post that ever existed about them. (This actually gets you brownie points during auditions just don’t overspeak)

  • Learn, Learn and Do it!

Learn those skills that your parents have been shouting for at the top of their voices for two years now. Just in case if reopening actually ever happens how will you survive it? The hopelessness won’t cook your meals nor will the excitement clean your clothes. (There are actually tons of tricks that can come in handy if you are an outstation student so listen to what your parents say closely)

  • Have a Tissue for this Point!

Let’s accept how lucky are those who have already got the chance to stay in Delhi. To push yourself further towards being a Nihilist watch those photos clicked in front of red walls. Cry over those group photos of societies who are practising while leaving outstation students and understand the depth of sadness.

  • Be Social

It’s about time that you finally take out some time to get to know your classmates. The best way to do this is to scroll over the DPs in WhatsApp groups to actually know your classmates. (If you can make an effort to socialise, even a small birthday wish or a ‘good luck’ before exams can bring smiles.)

  • Thoda Dukh Thoda Productive

In spite of all the hardships we are going through owing to Covid, we can’t deny that this is one of the most crucial times of our life. Owing to the availability of time and resources one can easily manage 2-3 commitments together. If you can gather the courage to actually work in these gloomy times we salute you! And if you are the brave one who chose to prioritise their mental health over running in a rat race, then we bow to you for that is equally productive.


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Featured Image Credits: Grindfiti


Kashish Shivani

[email protected]