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With DUSU elections looming around the corner, students from various colleges of the University of Delhi have pledged to not vote for any party that partakes in the littering or vandalising of its college premises.
An unnamed notice at Ram Lal Anand College campus read, “We the voters of Ram Lal Anand College pledge to not vote for any candidate or a party whose supporters are found defacing or damaging the property of our college.” Similar notices from colleges like Kirori Mal College and Rajdhani College have begun doing the rounds in social media, and petitions which condemn wastage of paper are being signed. According to Vaibhav Bansal, a 3rd-year Political Science(H) student at Rajdhani College, “We are not planning on boycotting elections, we just demand a cleaner and violence-free campus. If a record of the campaigners could be maintained at the college gate and their number limited to 5, there won’t be as many problems. It’s our campus that is being defaced, not theirs.”
Akankshya Mohanty, a second-year Statistics(H) student at Ram Lal Anand College feels that the situation at her college is grim and severe. She said, “College just got renovated and many processes are underway as well. These campaigners are causing just too much destruction, with flyers and posters everywhere in and around the college.” She went on to describe her first-hand account of campaigners involved in a scuffle with the police at her college, and how quickly the fight turned violent.
A complete boycott is extremely far-fetched, but this new initiative to deter campaigners from defacing college property is gaining huge traction. Hopefully, more colleges will jump on the bandwagon and challenge authorities to take action against the wrongdoers.
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Vijeata Balani
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The Student Union Elections in Rajdhani College witnessed 36 nominations for the only 2 posts of Central Councillor.

This year, the students of Rajdhani College actively participated in the elections. The desire for the post went so bizarre that 36 candidates ended up filing nominations for the only 2 posts of Central Councillor that the college union has.

The college witnessed a huge protest on 2nd September against the Principal and election committee members as students in big numbers gathered in front of the college gate restricting any entry or exit, to raise their voices against the cancellation of about 30 nominations for the post Central Councillor. College guards doing their righteous duty held the gate and controlled the mob as far as possible. The situation soon became eccentric and the Police men showed up to established the decorum.

It was after hours that the members of the staff finally made an appearance and justified the procedure and decision of choosing a particular nominee and certainly assured that no unjustified candidate will be allowed to contest the elections. They also mentioned that they’ll be reconsidering all the applications just to make sure that all the worthy and deserving make it to the list.

Soon the classes resumed and nobody was penalised though, students actively participating in protest were given a warning.

The college staff avoiding ambiguity for students made a wise decision by being very harsh with the selection process of nominees. The criteria looked upon while selecting a particular candidate consisted attendance, academic records, behaviour of the student with teachers and students, to name a few. Last year 19 students contested for the two posts. The number shrunk down to 8 in spite of more nominations.

It was finally on 9th September that the results were announced with Avnish Malik, B.Sc. (Honours) Chemistry, Third year, and Sahil Antil, B.A. (Honours) History, First year, ended up winning the elections.

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