Race 2


If steamy bare scenes, impeccably svelte bodies and a glitzy wardrobe is your idea of treating your cerebrum, Race 2 can be your befitting companion for the evening.  The sequel of Race, a movie that harped on suspense, sizzling chemistry and realistic action that harnessed oodles of appreciation, Race 2 cannot exactly be called a dampener, but surely will be best enjoyed when one surrenders their mind to pleasing imagery on the screen.

Saif Ali Khan plays his old self as Ranveer, who is persuaded to avenge the death of his girlfriend. John Abraham plays Armaan, who conspires to carry out this murder to take revenge for his stolen wealth. He dwells on the huge mound of filthy money when Ranveer enters to rip him off his wealth by a scheme depicted to be that of legends. Deepika plays the role of John’s sister, Aleena, who woos Ranveer and proves her loyalty towards him in the climax. Jacqueline playing Omisha is the trick teaser who plays along with Ranveer to digress him from his mission. The roles played by Anil Kapoor and Amisha Patel lack substance and are pitched in just for the sake of a juicy display of sidekicks.

Unrealistic action and a roller coaster of obvious twists break the momentum of what could have been a smooth voyage, hence one is rendered to feeling unsettled throughout the movie. The individual performance of all the actors is fair and the director duo Abbas-Mastan has tried to build upon the glory of the prequel. The movie comes across to be a forced effort of trying to be doing too much.

If anything, one can hit the theatre to watch the ravishing appearances of the actors who have looked their best and the thumping music of the film that is an absolute saving grace. For that it deserves a 2.5 rating on 5.