Q: My problem is simple. I have a ” so-called” friend of Face book who’s pretty and nice and all those things I’d want to “see” in her. But she’s kind of a B-list online friend for me and I don’t fancy a lot of things she does. Will it be rude if I click the “remove friend” tab against her name. It’s not hampering my social life or anything, so I don’t feel the need really. But it just doesn’t feel right man. What do i do?

A: Haha I should probably adopt you. Ditching my “B-list online pals” has started to become my favourite pass time. I’ve been pestering my Google with this (eh Google here is not my dog) and guess what, the New Oxford American Dictionary officially named unfriend the “it” word of 2009. Please please join my bandwagon for I’ve done the world a great deed by ID-ing the reasons which should tell you that it’s time to kick the “so-called” friends out of your social networking life. So I’m going to wear my most gorgeous sari and put on my dark glasses and shout to tell you to CHECK-THIS-OUT!

#1. She’s a firm believer that you can learn a lot about your health from your poop — and has the status updates to prove it.

#2.  You’ve only met her once but he “likes” everything you do on Facebook. Uh, stalk much?

#3. You’re pretty sure she doesn’t wear a dress and veil everyday, but the girl can’t stop posting pics of her.

#4. For those of you who’re “committed”, your girlfriend changing her status to single without breaking up in person. UNFRIEND NOW!

#5. One word: Farmville. (Even though I’m a big fan but UNFRIEND because I’m allowed, I’m sex amma).

#6. She might not be on The Biggest Loser but for some reason she wants the entire world to know what she had for lunch, how many miles she just ran, and when she is sweating it out at the gym!

#7. She has a passion for tagging you in all those random “best pals on face book” photos. She’s obviously hinting a bit too much. Maybe she should try getting the hint.


#9.  She added you hoping to “re-connect” but it’s been 10 years since you accepted the request and STILL haven’t “re-connected”!

#10. You call her “mom”!

I can never mean to favour the male sex. I’m fond of them but I love my sisters a lot more. So for all my girlies, just replace the she with a he. I would’ve ripped them boys had a girl sent in this question. Happy Face Book-ing to my bachchas. 🙂