Now that trends influence everyone’s style, let’s finally separate the hype from the real deal.

I’m playing fashion police today- waving goodbye to trends that are potentially tired while giving some overdue love to the seriously underrated ones. Let’s set things straight once and for all.

Overrated fashion trends-

  1. Birkenstocks- These iconic sandals have been the epitome of comfortable footwear for a very long time. However, their chunky design makes it hard to integrate them with most outfits. So, while they’re definitely made out of quality material, the prices aren’t justified for a sandal used for casual wear.
  2. Sheer clothing- This provides the opportunity to play around with layers and textures which could be so fun! But, the comfort and practicality of sheer clothing is questionable. They can prove to be itchy and the synthetic materials are not very environmentally friendly either.
  3. Mini sunglasses- These are a departure from traditional eyewear by far. Indeed, they are more about making a statement than functionality but it’s impossible to see properly in them, let alone walk. Big yay for the look and all the fun colours they come in, but utility garners negative marks.
  4. Statement sneakers- The debate about their place on this list would be an intense one. While I agree with (and even partake in) sneakerhead culture, some designs are clearly more about flashiness and prestige than quality and comfort. While a good pair can transform a look for the better, a flashy one could push it slightly into the tacky category.

Underrated fashion trends-

  1. Dad shoes- ‘Dad’ shoes are those that are not necessarily considered very stylish but provide unparalleled comfort. They are the most ideal choice for extended periods of walking and their resurgence in recent times is a testament to a shift in fashion priorities, where comfort is taking precedence. It’s great to have an awesome sneaker collection but also get yourself some of these. Dads have always known best.
  2. Neutral tones- They deserve more recognition instead of being considered boring. Neutral colours exude understated elegance and should be staples in our wardrobes. They are easy to style and serve as the perfect backdrop for statement accessories.
  3. Timeless prints- Their appeal lies in being a reliable option for both formal and casual outfits. They have stood the test of time and their charm goes beyond that of passing fads such as animal prints. Most of them are eternally relevant but I’m still not so sure about polka dots, though.
  4. Fanny packs- The outdated designs have been revamped in recent times and are incredibly convenient. While I am a fan of tote bags, having to fish for my keys for 5 minutes is not fun. Fanny packs are thus a great accessory for on-the-go lifestyles.

Fashion has always existed as a means to express yourself. None of it could ever be the ‘wrong’ way to do it. Obviously, it’s important to wear what you like and are comfortable in. While certain trends may not resonate with everyone, they still contribute to the fashion landscape. If you like Birkenstocks and are rocking them, good for you! But do yourself a favour and buy some Dad shoes today.

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Arshiya Pathania

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Traditional clothing like kurtas, palazzos, dupattas, and sarees are a new favourite for many students at the University of Delhi (DU). 

The richness of the culture and heritage of India is oozing out of the patterns that have made a comeback in fashion trends. These patterns can be seen accessorised with jhumkas, monochrome kurta salwar with colourful Bandhani or Leheriya dupattas, or it can be worn in contrasting combinations. These can also be styled to create an Indo Western look by wearing a pair of jeans with kurti, printed tee with a palazzo, or a short kurti with shorts.


This ancient style of hand-printing is a popular choice among the University students, and can be found in all items of traditional clothing, as it is suitable for all occasions. It is available in the classic tamarind colour, khadi colour, blue, green, orange, and yellow. From adorning an oriental Kalamkari saree on your farewell to a casual Kalamkari kurti in college, you can pick your occasion to slay in this style.

Image Credit: India Mart
Image Credit: India Mart


This light cloth is an all-time favourite for many. Blue colour comes naturally from Indigo. It comes with dabu or block prints of flowers, designs, umbrellas, and much more. These prints can be enhanced by coordinating them with whites; for example, a simple, plain white blouse with a traditional Indigo saree, or an Indigo kurti with a white palazzo.

fabindia indigo
Image Credits: Fab India


This dyeing technique, found mainly in men’s fashion, is used to pattern kurtas. It is a very toned-down pattern that adds a subtle touch to liven up your usual clothes. Ikat designs can go from being simplistic to loud, colourful, or abstract. It catches the eye due to its unique ethnic tribal art, setting a trend that many fashion brands have incorporated.

Image Credits: Fabrics
Image Credits: Fabrics


You can identify this technique with its distinct lines, dots, and heavy floral designs. This is suitable to be worn on a special occasion or a day-out. The best way to style a Batik is to let it be the star of the outfit and stand out, with simple accessories or add-ons. This design can help you look your best for any cultural event or celebration!

Image Credits: India Mart
Image Credits: India Mart

While these patterned clothes are entering our wardrobes, one has to spend a lot to buy these. The good news is that cheaper alternatives to Dilli Haat, Fabindia, and Global Desi, and others like Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Rangmanch, and Westside are also launching these designs to cater to our fashion needs. Markets like Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, and Kamla Nagar are every DU student’s all-time favourites for affordable fashion where these prints can be easily found.

Feature Image Credits: Namrata Randhawa for DU Beat

Shivani Dadhwal

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The past never leaves us and definitely not in fashion. Welcome your 2019 wardrobe with a smacking debut of prints.

They make their own share of entries and exits in the fashion world, but the prints are back and we always end up loving them and incorporating them in our own unique way.

Let’s take a look at the different prints and how to style them. While animal prints have shared trashy connotations, we explore different looks through the four animal prints from leopard to snakeskins and other vintage prints, which are hurdling towards your 2019.

  • The classic leopard print

It’s bold and it definitely makes a statement. But it can also scream a fashion faux pas if you are not careful about your outfit combination. You can get it easily either in the flea markets or in the proper retail shops. Always pair the print with a solid garment and other solid statements to maintain the balance of your whole look.

Image Credits: Chictopia
Image Credits: Chictopia
  • Stripe it like a zebra

Zebra prints are a more personal favorite print. They look chic and elegant and they are very adaptable. Wear a black solid skirt and boots with a zebra print sweater, or the other way round- a solid black sweater and a zebra print skirt for a classy look. For a brunch or daytime outfit, you can pair your sweater with white jeans to add the white glam.

Image Credits: The Hunt
Image Credits: The Hunt
  • Roar like a tiger

Nailing a tiger print is quite tough, but not impossible. A tiger print jumpsuit with a black blazer and kitten heels make the perfect glam outfit for your night out. Complete the look with golden accessories like chokers and rings or hoops.

Image Credits: Lyst
Image Credits: Lyst
  • Rattle in snakeskin

Here is another animal print, which comes off as bold but vicious. To rock the snakeskin print, invest in snakeskin pants as they make for a good outfit choice. Pair it up with a solid top wear. However, if you wish to keep things subtle, invest in good and catchy snakeskin clutches or slings.

Auburn tip: Invest in pieces which you feel can be used season after season. There is no point splurging a lot if you feel a certain print outfit is a one-time wear.

Auburn tip: Buy mix and match animal print outfits as even they present a unique look.

Image Credits: Pinterest
Image Credits: Pinterest
  • Vintage chain prints

Vintage chain prints are a good choice if you are in the mood for a bright outfit. They come mostly in satin prints, so pairing a solid, especially your whites is a good choice. Complete the look with a chic wallet and peep toes for a complete look.

Image Credits: Pretty Little Thing
Image Credits: Pretty Little Thing
  • Geometric and abstract prints

Abstracts are of different styles and motifs. They are predominantly modern and have come in the recent years. Invest in statement dresses and t-shirts for a modern chic look.

Make your 2019 more trendy and bold with these prints.


Feature Image credits: Trend Hunter

Avnika Chhikara
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