Pocket money


No one likes asking their parents again and again for extra pocket money (especially when it is followed by your father and mother giving you judging looks). So why not earn a little bit on the side?

Read on to know about some simple ways you can earn money, while attending college!

  • Do a part-time job: There are a lot of options where you can work as a part-time employee and get paid well. Check if your time table allows you to work for four-five hours at a stretch and apply to a few places near your college/home that have the job for you. This is not only just good for the money, but also the experience will teach you a few things about corporate jobs and be a bonus point on your CV.
  • Sell your previous semester books: There is a very good chance that the bookstore you got your last semester books from will accept them and pay you half the price. There are many bookstores in the Kamla Nagar market and the Patel Chest area in North Campus that you can go to for queries.
  • Teach young students: You can home tutor young students and you can either teach them subjects like math, science, English or you can teach creative skills like playing an instrument, painting, creative writing or dancing. Ask your friends and family to help you reach out to some kids aged between 10-16 years and spend two to three days a week with them and you’ll have a fun experience!
  • Walk dogs for your neighbours: Who doesn’t like soft, furry animals? People in your locality who have dogs would probably not have time to take them out on walks and for playtime and would certainly be willing to pay someone to do it for them. If you’re a dog lover and would want a daily 20 minute time with a fluff-ball, then start asking your neighbours already!

Yes, now you can splurge a little too much on junk food, clothes and gadgets!  

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Anagha Rakta
[email protected]