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We have curated just the perfect date for you under a reasonable budget, so get your perfect outfit and ask your favourite person out on a date already. And if you aren’t already dating, this may be the perfect sign for you to finally ask them out!

 We live in extremely uncanny times where the swipe and the hustle culture defines relationships and dating life. College years can be the most extraordinary experience of your life and for some, it becomes rather idyllic if you have someone to share them with and just explore random places, go on long drives, and watch pretty sunsets.

It’s time we move beyond Instagram filters and Snapchat streaks to explore the city with our favourite person. Street food dates, cafe dates, movie dates, park dates – it all works, right as long as you are with this one person who makes you feel out of this world.

1.No pressure, but the beginnings always set the mood for the rest of the day. And that’s exactly why you should start off with breakfast at Carnatic Café, Lodhi Road with their extensive breakfast menu at extremely reasonable prices. The lovely little place serves the most amazing filter coffee and a South Indian diet to keep you rejuvenated for the rest of the day.

Nearest metro station: Greater Kailash

Price per two people:  Rs. 300 (approx)

2. Head towards Lodhi Art district, grab Yulu bikes and ride across graffiti lanes and enjoy just the perfect colours of Delhi. Perfect for people who appreciate art or love to get photographed, its pop colours and abstract shapes would make you fall in love with Delhi (and who knows, maybe even your date) all over again!

Nearest metro station: JLN Stadium

How to Yulu? Download the app, locate one, scan the QR code, and ride along!

3. After enjoying your ride, head towards the famous Moolchand Paranthe Waala to get the best varieties of moist and flavoursome paranthas followed by their famous mango lassi in Lajpat Nagar for who doesn’t love yum food and a good laugh. The hot, greasy paranthas were apparently loved by the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan who used to often enjoy them back in the day when he was in Delhi.

Nearest metro station: Moolchand

Price per two people: Rs. 100 to 200

Pro tip: Don’t spend forever deciding which paranthas to get, okayy!

4. Now head towards Bangla Sahib and grab your favourite kulhad wali chai with freshly made pakode and take a long walk across the place. After a tiring day, you’d instantly be replenished after entering its serene premises.

 Nearest metro station: Rajiv Chowk

5. The final stop would be Sunder Nursery where you can experience the beautiful sunset across the lake with your special someone! The place shuts down at 7 pm, so make sure you don’t miss out on this one. The two of you watching the sunset surrounded by trees, flowers, and all the other beautiful things in the world after a wholesome day out would just be the perfect idea to end your date with.

Nearest metro station: Lajpat Nagar


We know dates can get pretty overwhelming at times, but take this one day out just for yourself and for the person who makes you so happy. Follow our map but don’t forget to explore random places ‘cause those are the best ones. Talk your heart out, laugh unhesitatingly, make loads of memories, and be yourself in the most ‘you’ way possible. You got this!


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