new beginnings


With a new year approaching, we step into a whole different arena of possibilities that are up for grabs in the coming year.

If you can already feel the crispness in the air, the inkling of a little something called hope in your hearts, then my friend, you’ve stepped into that time of the year that marks the end and beginning of something. With the whole excitement surrounding the new year, here are a few things one can look forward to this upcoming year.

  • ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

For all cricket fans, this year brings a wave of excitement, as soon enough it will be the beginning of the World Cup season when patriotism reaches its all-time high. Fans and non-fans alike will get together and watch India-Pakistan matches(and all the other too of course) with similar fervour, rather than executing fights over the TV remote. India won the World Cup last time in 2011, a very historic victory indeed, and it would be a treat to watch something similar. Here’s hoping for the best!

  • General Elections 2019

Another tussle, a war of words this time around, will ensue with each party fighting over votes. Will BJP retain its throne, or will it be over-thrown, we need to wait and watch. On second thoughts, don’t. It is important to be an active participant in the political functioning of the country and be politically aware. If you are above 18, rather than busying yourself in making a fake ID, get yourself a voter Id card and cast your vote for your preferred candidate.

  • Too Many Long weekends

You can start planning weekend getaways and trips to your nearby hill station, or you can choose to just sit back and relax, because 2019 has about 14 long weekends at its disposal, making room for a lot of leisure and relaxation this year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity and start planning already.

  • Movies to Look Forward to

A series of our favourite animated movies are coming up with there sequels, like Frozen 2, How to train your dragon 3, The Lego Movie 2, Toy Story 4, and the list goes on. It almost seems like It’s the year of sequels with Jumanji 2 and two new X-Men movies coming out. Here’s hoping that the sequels live up to their prequels.

  • Game Of Thrones season 8

Now a lot of people might just not share the same amount of excitement but it seems fitting to include the release of the final season of GOT on the list. The spoilers and the memes that have been a source of discussion for the viewers and the non-viewers alike will finally reach its culmination in 2019, wrapping of the story of the seven kingdoms. Truly the end of an era.


Feature Image Credits: Abhinav Chandel Photography

Anoushka Singh
[email protected]