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The rainy season is here. This season is also a busy time for the University of Delhi, and a lot of students who aspire to seek admission. High humidity levels and overflowing potholes aside, what is so enamouring about this season to DU students?

Monsoon has struck late in Delhi, but as always, the season has brought the city alive with the much needed rain beating the heat. It also happens to be the time of admissions with cut-offs coming out and students wandering across different colleges to seek admission. However, it is just not about the admissions and the freshers. There’s a bit more between this season and the university.
June and July are the go-to months where students seek internships for at least a month or two. Startups, corporates, government organizations, NGOs and other institutes have a plethora of students reaching out to them for internships. The first years are a bit more relaxed taking them but it’s a must for those who have completed their second year. Moreover, it becomes ever so important for students who want to further go into corporates and audit firms.
And the best part of monsoon- it’s holiday time for us! Yes, not for the entire seasons, but this is probably one of the best seasons to head out on treks, and head out on long rides. And this is exactly what the university students do too. Heading out to remote locations or trips- both domestic and international-are a common phenomenon. And why not, who wouldn’t enjoy sipping a cup of coffee from a hotel balcony or being at the top of a hill dancing in the rain?
Holidays also means that outstations can finally head home after an eventful and equally tiresome semester. They miss ghar ka khaana beyond imagination and you bet, dal chaawal has never tasted this delicious ever.

For outstation students, the rainy season is slightly more on the problematic side. Puddles of muddy water and heaps of dirt pile up on the streets, and walking through them is a nightmare. Being Indians, we are jugaadu, and finding out those dry spaces and skipping past those puddles is like an add-on skill we all were born with. But you realize your clothes are a mess by the time you’re home. And for outstation students, it’s a pain because they need to wash it all by themselves!
In a few days, the university will re-open and there will be a lot of commotion. Bright new faces lurking around the campus exploring their dream university, the new second-years meeting their friends and looking forward to doing new things, while most of the final year students will be running around wearing a tie and carrying a file for placements. But at the end of it all, be it new students or old, the canteen will be full and so will the roadside stalls with everyone sipping tea and enjoying munchies looking at the rain. Once again, students will be on a run to find shelter, drying their clothes, and heading out for long walks of drives through the breezy wind. New romances will bloom beneath the cloudy skies, and lifelong friendship pacts will be made in the midst of dewy leaves.

This season, as always, will bring a ton of new things with itself. New faces, new energy, new tasks, new accomplishments, new friends, and most importantly, new memories. Because in all the simple little things that students do and experience within this season, it becomes so special to us. Giving us all a fresh start.
Karan Singhania
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New Year is usually associated with a fresh start. However, the question to ponder about is what exactly does a fresh start mean? Does a fresh start mean that we leave all our trouble behind and not try to clean up the mess? Shouldn’t we be trying to fix what has gone wrong? More importantly, can we start afresh only at the beginning of a new year?

I would like to believe that you can start fresh at any moment. The second I feel that my life is not turning out the way it is supposed to be should be the time I could start afresh. I shouldn’t have to wait for Day 1 of the year to bring about changes. A fresh start should be changing all your bad experiences while never forgetting them. One should learn to accept the past and make peace with it. A new beginning should be exhilarating, one that makes you feel that everything in the world is infinite. You should be able to feel that you are infinite and capable of achieving anything in the wide spectrum of possibilities. Most importantly, you should decide that anything in the whole wide world that is not able to match with this feeling is perhaps something you should not bother about.

This is because life is too long and somewhere along the line we start losing ourselves to the mundane things about it and stop living. We forget that living is all about jubilation, euphoria, and ecstasy. So when we do get the sense to start afresh, it is important to decide not to lose ourselves all over again to the drudgery aspect of life. So take the trip that you have been long planning to or throw out all the old stuff that is of no use and just occupying space in your closet. Anything that will help you to kick-start your new beginning, you should do it. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to do it. This is because if you wait for a specific occasion, you will never be able to do it. Seize the day because after all ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.


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Anukriti Mishra

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